Hair can be twisted and rolled, curled and straightened, colored and styles in all sorts of ways to keep up with the changing fashion trends that come and go with each season. The hair can be worn in a sophisticated style or as craziest up-dos but all the hair trends have some common styles in […]

The eternally appealing vintage trends and style is back. Make sure to combine with latest contemporary trends to achieve that dreamy and graceful effect. The right mix of vintage grace and romance with modern and urbane chic is the perfect look of this season. Add a few retro pieces to your wardrobe and create a […]

Black and Smokey Eye  There are different types of eyeliners. Be sure to choose the one that will work best for the look you’re going for. The right makeup should enhance the natural black of your eyes, not overpower or deter from the color. Whether you are headed to work or a special night out, […]

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes If you were blessed with naturally blue eyes, you want to know which makeup colors will enhance your color in order to make your eyes really stand out. These eye makeup tips for blue eyes will help you with everything […]

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Single earrings are having a major moment in fashion a Single earring has become a way for women to tip the balance on their personal style in the best way possible.This single earring style ideally needs to be worn on one side, and you could cover the other ear with a side pony or your […]

Once upon a time, a Japanese weight-loss trend called the ‘Cinderella diet’ went viral, and created a Twitter storm. The controversial and unhealthy fad tells people how to calculate their ‘Cinderella goal weight’, so that they can look like the fictional character. The fictional princess is being used as a controversial staple for ‘weight goals’. […]

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Belly Chain A belly chain or waist chain/Kamarbandh are the popular English terms for the Kamarband/Udiyanam, which is a type of body jewelry worn around the waist. Some belly chains attach to a navel piercing; these are also called “pierced belly chains”.  They are often made of silver or gold. Sometimes a thread is used […]

It’s important to know the proper way to apply eyeliner so it enhances your eyes and doesn’t look thick and messy. Keep eyeliner on the top lid three times thicker than liner on the bottom. And for extra staying power, use waterproof gel liners on the bottom lashline.Choose your eyeliner based on the look you’re […]