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 Top Quality Best Mattress In India 2021 + Top Brands – Designerplanet

 Choosing the best mattress in India can sure be confusing. The current market is flooded with various mattress brands (new start-ups and old-timers), added to this is, are the different types of mattresses being marketed by the brands.In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know before buying your next mattress. The types of mattresses you can buy, the best Indian mattresses you can choose from, the best brands, the factors you need to consider before buying.

Basically, there are 3 types – soft, medium and firm. To select among them, you have to consider 3 factors that include sleep position, weight and whether you suffer from back pain or not. Based on them we have assorted the information in a table mentioned below…

Weight    Firmness Choice    Sleeping Position    Back Problem

Light        Soft                             Side                                    Yes
Average    Medium            Multiple positions                 Yes or No
Heavy    Firm                   Back or stomach                              No


     Material Type

Several types of materials are used to make mattresses. Some popular ones are latex, memory foam, and spring.

    Memory Foam – It is best suited for people looking for pressure relief, body shaping, back support, and great hug.

    Latex – Perfect for sleepers who want cooling, bounce and responsiveness.
    Innerspring – Best for people who want similar bouncy feeling.

Top 10 Mattress Brands in India:

Mattresses Primary Material Mattress Feel Warranty  Price
Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm 10 years  Price
SleepyCat – Gel Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm 10 years Price
Sleepyhead Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm 10 years Price
Emma Original Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm 11 Years Price
SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress Foam Medium Firm 3 years Price
Extrasleep Coir Mattress PU Foam Medium Firm 5 years Price
Duroflex Back Magic Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm 7 years Price
Insleep Orthopaedic Mattress Memory Foam Medium Firm Price
Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic Mattress PU Foam Medium Firm Price
Comforto Duplex Comfort Mattress Foam Medium Firm Price

Top 10 Mattress Brands Reviews in India 2021



Sleepwell is undoubtedly the #1 mattress brand in India. They have been making quality mattresses and other home comfort/furnishing products at very competitive prices.The Sleepwell mattresses range include:

    Orthopedic Mattresses: For those suffering with back pain.
    Balance Mattresses: A perfect blend of comfort and support, suitable for regular sleeping needs.
    Naturalle Mattresses: Made of 100% natural and breathable Latex material that provides comfort for all sleeping postures.

 Sleepwell mattresses for different purposes.

    For Back Pain – Choose the SleepX Ortho Mattress with Memory Foam
    For Comfort & Support – Choose the Sleepwell Cocoon 2-in-1 Mattress

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Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress


The Wakefit mattresses are excellent especially when it comes to orthopedic mattress for people with back pain issues.

They have spend more than 1500 hours in the Research & Development (R&D) to create the best mattress for sleeping and they’ve obviously succeeded.

The Wakefit mattress range include –

    Dual Comfort Mattress – For regular folks with varied needs. One side of the mattress is firmer while the other side is soft.
    Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – These are designed especially for those with severe back pain problems.

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All their mattresses come with 100 Nights of trial period and 10 years of warranty.


The Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best Mattress in India that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of ten years. It proves that it is a long-lasting mattress capable of providing the highest degree of comfort and convenience.


    As it is medium-firm, this mattress supports your body well.
    As it can be rolled and packed easily, it becomes easily portable.
    The mattress comes with a washable cover.


    Only one side of the mattress is usable.
The softer side of the product is way too soft.
 Non-removable cover can be a little bit problematic in some aspects.



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SleepyCat – Gel Mattress 


 SLEEPY CAT focuses not only on providing their mattresses at a reasonable price but also on the quality of their product. Sheer quality is what makes this company stand out among the rest. Therefore, if you consider buying this orthopedic gel memory foam mattress from Sleep Cat, you can take comfort in the fact that you won’t be disappointed in the least.


Apart from all the above, sleepycat has a social side. For every 10 sales they make, they donate 1 sale.


    10 Years manufacturer warranty for the mattress
    Easy carry and delivery
    Dense and high-quality memory foam used and thus increased comfort.
    Ideal for back pains and neck pains too.
    Great motion isolation. No more disturbance of your partner tossing around in sleep.
    Incredibly helpful customer support


    Mattress and the memory foam layer could be a bit thicker than just 6 inches.

Sleepy Cat Plus is a 6-inch best quality orthopedic mattress that has one inch of gel memory foam that is specially designed to even out your weight throughout the mattress so you don’t feel pressure on a single body part while sleeping. The rest is 5 inches of high-density base support foam that would provide the firm support your back needs to provide you a healthy sleep
The mattress uses the advanced technology of gel memory foam to offer you the right comfort while sleeping. Apart from this, it also offers a number of other features.In addition, the homeless get comfortable, restful sleep which is very rare for them!

    Has one inch of gel memory foam that evens out your weight through the mattress
    High-density foam that provides strength, durability and structure
    Removable and washable outer cover
    Delivered in a box!
    Gives back to society


It is very much useful for people who complain about regular pains.

●       The motion isolation lets you sleep in peace even when your partner is tossing around.

●       It is easy to carry.

The absence of springs ensures that there is no disturbance to your partner even if you move around on your side of the bed. There is no motion transfer that you observe on spring mattresses. Hence, it proves its utility as one of the most peaceful mattresses to sleep during the night.


    The motion isolation feature is a massive benefit.
    It offers the maximum degree of comfort and convenience.
    Equal distribution of weight over the memory foam adds to the comfort.


    Customers have reported dissatisfaction in after-sales service.



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Sleepyhead Mattress 


 SleepyHead is known for making affordable mattresses with good comfort and support for all types of people.

They are offering 100 nights trial period and will give a full refund in case if you don’t like their mattress.

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Here are the best sleepyhead mattresses to pick from –

    Sleepyhead Sense – It is a 3 zoned orthopedic PCM cooling foam mattress, for those with serious body aches.
    Sleepyhead Original – It is a 3-layered orthopedic memory foam mattress, good for people with back issues.
    Sleepyhead Flip – Comes with high density foam mattress on both the sides (firm/soft).

This mattress features a washable exterior cover to ensure that your bed remains entirely dust-free. Therefore, it is the best mattress to have in your home if you have children. They tend to spill milk and other eatables on the bed. The washable cover ensures not to damage the mattress in any way.

This three-layered mattress is available with the right amount of density, thereby living up to its reputation as the perfect mattress for all kinds of sleepers. This mattress is 100% made in India and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of ten years.


    Nicely stitched and high-quality foam makes it attractive and comfortable.
    Excellent bounce, whereby children would love to frolic around on the mattress
    The softness of the highest order adds to comfort and convenience.


    Does not come with a water-proof covering
    The white colour makes it prone to getting soiled quickly.

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 Emma Original Mattress


Emma is another popular mattress brand from German that makes their mattresses here in India.The Emma mattress range include –

    Emma Original – These mattresses are engineered for a perfect good night sleep.
    Emma Ortho – These are made especially to alleviate different types of pains and body aches.

They offer 100 nights of trial period and get full refund if you don’t like the mattress.

You also get 11 years of warranty from the manufacturer.Here are top mattress picks from Emma for different needs –

    For Comfort & Support – Choose the Emma Original Mattress that is made of memory foam.
    For Back Support – Choose the Emma Ortho Mattress that comes with spine support.

The Emma Original is made from 100% vegan, organic, non-harmful materials, which makes it the eco-friendliest memory foam mattress you can currently buy in India.

It’s uncanny ability to negate motion transfer means your sleep can never be interrupted by the movements of the person sleeping next to you.Also, the bedding comes in vacuum-sealed packaging and does not weigh much at all. Hence, you will be able to transport it from one place to another without any issues.

The product comes with a warranty period of 20 long years.

If you want to, then you can also use it for trial. It comes with a 100-day trial period, which should be perfect for you.

It is the best mattress in India that comes with a true industry-first, groundbreaking 20 Year Warranty.


    Available in a terrific range of sizes to suit all kinds of beds
    Excellent mattress for providing relief from back pain
    Though a double bed mattress, it is easily portable.
Has a 100-day optional trial period for customer convenience.
Made with eco-friendly and healthy materials.
Due to its top-notch breathability, the upper surface of the bedding always stay cool.
Provides excellent spine support.
The harder side is perfect for neck and shoulder pains.


    The 100-night trial offer is not available.
It is expensive.
Its thickness can be an issue.


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SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress 


The SleepX Dual Mattress weighs 11.3 kgs and is, therefore, one of the lightest mattresses available today. This mattress caters to the requirements of different types of sleepers.

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Some require hard beds, whereas some require their bed to be soft.

This mattress fits the bill perfectly because the user can flip it over, depending on their preferences.The air mesh present at the sidewalls allows free movement of air to enhance this mattress’s breathability. This mattress comes with Advanced Neem Fresche technology to deliver a fresher sleeping experience.

It is a comfortable mattress to use because it is available in the pre-assembled form. The best aspect of this bed is that you can use both sides, alternatively depending on your preference.SleepX, the most popular brand of Sleepwell, has been ruling over the market of beddings since its inception. So, we will be starting off our review by talking about one of its most popular offerings, the Dual 5 model.

Has a 6-inch of thickness.
Premium mesh fabric offers more breathability.
Neem Fresche Technology provides a clean and fresh sleeping experience.
Made with rebounded foam material.
Reversible design for more convenience.


    Comes in a pre-assembled form, hence, does not require any separate assembly
    Advanced Neem Fresche technology ensures a more comfortable sleeping experience.
    Reversible mattress, thereby proving to be a flexible one


    Users have found it difficult to register for the warranty.


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 Extrasleep Coir Mattress



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 Duroflex Back Magic Mattress


Duroflex is a 5 decade old mattress brand in India that also makes several other sleeping accessories with good quality and at best price.Here are the best duroflex mattresses that we pick –

    Duropedic – Suitable for those with back ache and body aches
    Energise – Gives a good night sleep and helps relieve stress
    Natural Living – Made of Eco-friendly latex material and safe for children
    Essential – Most affordable mattresses with high quality material

The re-bonded foam is sandwiched between two coir layers to provide better reinforcement.

The jacquard woven fabric is the final layer that acts as a protective covering.

On the firmness quotient, this orthopaedic mattress ranks as Extra Firm, thus proving ideal for relieving body pain.


    Double side mattress, soft on one side, and firm on the other
    Provides the highest degree of comfort
    Excellent for back pain and other body aches


    Some users have complained of high pricing.


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 Insleep Orthopaedic Mattress




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Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic Mattress 



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Comforto Duplex Comfort Mattress 


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SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam King Size Mattress (78x72x8 inches)

 Extra Sleep Coir Mattress 4 Inch Back Support Orthopaedic Care, Cotton Breathable Fabric, Double Size (72x48x4)

Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5 Inch Double Size Coir Mattress (72 X 48 X 5) 

Insleep 6-inch Queen Size Orthopedic Mattress (72x60x6_Memory Foam) in a Box 

Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic 6 inches Coir, Bonded Foam Queen Size Mattress (Multi, 78x60x6) 

Comforto Duplex 4 Inch Dual Comfort HD Rebonded Foam & PU Foam Single Size Foam Mattress (78x36x4 Inch, Foam) 

Emma Adapt Mattress – Dual Sided Hard & Soft – Queen Foam Mattress (78x60x6) 



Sleepx Three Fold Reversible PU Foam Mattress with Washable Cover-Single (72X36X4 Inch) (Red)

Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, 78x60x6 inches (Queen Size)