1. Lip liner should match the lipstick – Oh no you didn’t use black lip liner with pink lipstick! For a natural look, be sure to find a lipliner shade closely matching your lipstick.
  2. Always keep a lip brush handy – Lip brushes help to give a smooth lips and also assist in getting the last bit of lipstick out of the tube.
  3. Getting down to the wire? Mix with a little Vaseline – If you only have a little bit of lipstick left in the tube and it’s not easy to get out, get your lip brush and mix in with petroleum jelly to create a gloss.
  4. Avoid glossy colors if you’re over 40 Creamier colors make women over 40 look more natural and younger. Plus older lips need more moisture.
  5. “Orange” shades make teeth look yellow – Not too many women can pull off an orange shade anyway.
  6. Don’t like that shade of lipstick? Try it as a blush – A color not working on lips might do well on cheeks. A little dab will do you though, too much and you’ll look clownish.
  7. Still Don’t like the shade? Try blending with other shades – There’s nothing worse than buying a shade of lipstick, taking it home and finding out it looks awful. If you don’t like a particular shade, try blending with other colors for a more suitable match.
  8. Lipsticks last longer when stored in the refrigerator – I’m sure my husband would love it if I started storing makeup in the fridge, but yeah, it works.
  9. Keep your lipstick color lasting
    You may put a dab of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick. But some people don’t really like the gloppy look of lip color resulted. A sheer swipe of eyelid primer is preferred instead to keep your lipstick staying on longer. You may neutralize your natural lip color with a a small amount of base prior to your lipstick application too. Natural and contemporary look of lips is expected.
  10. Buy Lipsticks Shade at affordable Price
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