A King Size Bed Provides The Ultimate In Comfort And Space . Designerplanet
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A king-size bed is the largest size in existence, and although its royal luxury and comfort is explicit in its name, it is by no means an exaggeration. Even better that it’s accessible to more than just royalty. Such a piece of furniture can really make a statement in your bedroom, of wealth and comfort and security. This bed consists of several different components, main components including the mattress and bed frame. However, many king-size beds these days have storage options. They can be large drawers under the bed or even in the form of attached nightstands on the sides. The materials used are always durable and the joinery is impeccable, therefore the installation process is also a breeze! The best king size bed for you awaits in the beautiful gallery of Designerplanet collection for you to explore with us.
Things to know before buying a king-size bed

Get the Ultimate Comfort and Space with a King Size Bed

Due to its large size, these beds often need to be taken apart and reassembled during shipping and installation – much like other beds, but it’s a more delicate process to be sure. to make. This is why the joinery of a modern king size bed is important in its design, but it is not the only factor to consider here. One should think about the aesthetics and size of their bedroom, any costs beyond the initial purchase, and orientation. We go into a little more detail here:

Size and Dimensions

King size beds are the largest of all the available beds in the market. The dimensions of a king size bed are 80” (length) and 76” (width). More space in the bed means more space for each person so that one can comfortably stretch their arms and legs while sleeping without causing any discomfort to the person sharing the bed.  If you have a bedroom that measures 10 x 14 feet or more, it can easily accommodate a king-size bed, and you can enjoy maximum space and comfort.Rolling over the king size bed is just cool!!

Suitable for couples with children:

@home by Nilkamal Marbito King Bed Engineered Wood with Headboard & Box Storage (White)


Sharing the bed builds a stronger bond between children and their parents. How will you manage this if you have small beds? Not possible, really. The best option is therefore king-size beds that can easily accommodate couples and one child without any discomfort. Problem solved.

Health Benefits:

Do you want to be healthy and happy? Then a peaceful and healthy sleep is a must. If you are on a king-size bed, you will have plenty of space and can therefore sleep comfortably. King-sized beds also relieve pressure and body aches. They are designed in such a way that all the pressure points are relieved, no matter what position you sleep in.


Parents and children can enjoy weekend movie nights or morning cuddles without feeling cramped.

Pet owners

If your furry friends like to snuggle up with you at night, a king-size Bed offers enough space for everyone.

Enhance Room Decor

King size bed design is all about that fundamental grandeur just because of its size, which is why it looks attractive even at its most bare. Add custom features like engraved stands, or an upholstered headboard, even abstract accent lighting to act as a kind of night light – you have endless possibilities to explore with this basic frame. The materials you choose will also elevate your room decor, from the rustic warmth of wood to the contemporary chic of metal. You can even add accents of other materials like marble to add a splash of opulence.

1. @home by Nilkamal Marbito King Bed- 

Designerplanet Nilkamal king-size bed
This king size bed gives a royal look to your bedroom. You can get 59 percent discount on these through the amazing Amazon Sale. In this bed you are getting dimensions of 2.25L x 1.91W x 0.3H meter and its total size is going to be 78 X 72 inches.This bed comes with excellent storage, in which you can keep your extra blankets, sheets, pillows, etc. At the same time, this Double Beds has been given a melamine finish with engineered wood material, which makes its look quite royal.

2.DRIFTINGWOOD Sheesham King Size Bed

Designerplanet sheesham bed

3.Ganpati Arts Mayor King Size Bed

Designerplanet king size bed

This double bed comes with a sheesham wood frame material and has the capacity to bear up to 150 kilograms of weight. Along with this, this Amazon Deals top-rated bed has excellent storage space for keeping all your belongings with a total weight of 60 kilos.This king size bed has a natural finish color along with a classy design and a fabulous look, through which you can change the entire layout of your bedroom. At the same time, in this Best King Size Double Beds, you get a modern style with a dimension of 188L x 224W x 80.1H cm.

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4.Wakefit King Size Double Bed

Designerplanet Wakefit King Size Double Bed
This bed, which comes with Colombian walnut style, has strong and long-lasting engineered wood frame material. You can get this bed at a 12 percent discount with the help of Amazon Offers.
This wake-fit double bed has been given an excellent matte finish with brown color, which will give its look to your bedroom. Not only that, this Double Beds also comes with a 2.1L x 1.87W x 0.8H meter dimension and a heavy sterol box to keep your extra stuff.


Designerplanet star furniture king size bed

This double bed, which comes in walnut color and polished finish, has a dimension of 2.06L x 1.83W x 0.84H meters. You can get it at a 56 percent discount from Amazon Sale 2024, in which you get the best rosewood frame material for strength with modern style.This fabulous looking bed comes with a heavy storage bed box to keep your small rooms clean and to accommodate extra items. You will find this King Size Double Beds 78 x 70 inches in size and with that it is an elegant looking king size bed.

This bed is a best option for you. Amazon Sale 2024 heavily discounted, this bed has a large storage space, in which you can store extra items.In this double bed, you have a modern style with rose wood material and a very beautiful glass finish on teak color. Along with it, this King Size Double Bed comes in 78×7 inch size and 2.08L x 1.88W x 0.99H meter dimensions.

Q 1. How to plan to buy a king size bed?

Ans. Here are some things you should consider before buying king size bed furniture:
  • Space
  • Prices
  • Sleep style
  • Comfort
  • Bed frame
  • Number of people
  • Delivery options
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Q 2.How much does king size bed furniture cost?

Ans. The cost of a king size bed furniture depends on the type of bed frame, the design, the color, the size and where you buy it.It also takes into account the various components such as mattress, frame and additional features such as storage and attached bedside tables. Our selection starts at around ₹7000.

Q 3. What is the advantage of a king size bed?

Ans. There are many benefits to having king-size beds, such as plenty of space to move around and adorning your mattress with all the soft pillows you need, facilitating a proper rest that leaves you feeling refreshed by the time you wake up. face the next day, and even provide the room with extra storage to hold the heaviest of your belongings.

Q 4. Does a king size bed make a difference?

Ans . It makes a noticeable difference in improving one’s health and quality of life simply by accommodating a proper healthy sleep. The added luxury of having plenty of space to lounge around and spread out during the day when you have multiple tasks to attend to is also a bonus. Making sleep easier and having accessibility to things when arranging them in your king size bed is an important factor in improving one’s daily life.

Bottom Line

A happy life needs a healthy body. Sleep is the most important thing that affects the health of a person. One should always choose proper bedding to sleep well to maintain a balanced life. Stay healthy, stay fit.
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