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Things to Consider While Buying a Duffle Bag for Travelling

Tips for buying a duffel bag

Look for durable Bag

Whether you’re heading out on an Irish holiday or a trip to the local campsite, you need a bag that will survive the journey. Bags made from materials such as nylon, polyester, and most vinyl can be waterproof, protecting your bag from the elements. At the same time, fabric and leather bags may not be waterproof, but the thick and durable material should prevent wear and tear.


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Comfort is key If your bag doesn’t roll, you’ll be carrying it; you want to make sure you feel comfortable doing it. Look for lightweight duffels with straps, as well as other carry-on options. Many duffels come with removable and adjustable shoulder straps, so you can ensure your bag is just the right length for you. Consider a convertible duffel with a shoulder strap if it’s uncomfortable to carry by hand or over one shoulder. It is also a good idea to find a bag that weighs less than three pounds so that it is light and does not reduce the amount of luggage you can carry.

Find out what your organization needs

Some duffels are just one compartment, some have dividers, some have lots of pockets. For business trips, look for bags with carry-on sleeves and pouches for things like chargers, keys, and wallets. If you’re the fastest roadtripping type, a single-compartment bag allows you to throw all your stuff in easily and without thinking too much.

If you want to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes or your shoes from your shirt, look for a bag with internal dividers. It is a matter of personal choice; just be sure to check the details of the bag, bag, shoe bag, etc. before you buy.

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Check Durability 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are duffel bags safe to carry?

More and more. If you don’t mind carrying a bag over your shoulder as you walk through the airport, sure. And most duffels have plenty of handles and straps that make them easy to get in and out of the overhead compartment.

What size duffel bag do I need?

If you’re taking it on an airplane, make sure it meets the dimensional requirements above. In terms of capacity, 40 liters should be enough for a weekend or a long weekend. Heavy items or those traveling long distances should shoot for 50 liters or more. Remember that many models, including several on this list, come in multiple sizes.

What should you look for when buying a duffel bag?

When shopping for a duffel, it’s important to consider your travel style and bag needs. You should first check the size, capacity and structural components of the duffel to make sure it will fit your needs no matter where your trip takes you.

Bottom Line

Ready, steady, shop! Now that you have all the knowledge you need to find a duffle bag for travel, enjoy finding the right one by browsing the options at

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