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 Best nail Strengthener | Top Base Coat Nail Polishes | Best Nail Coat – Designerplanet


The base coat is a clear polish. It is used on bare nails to create a clear canvas for nail-polish. The base coat usually has light pink or cream colored tints and is mostly transparent. They are also available with rich proteins such as vitamin E. The main advantage of using these is that they help to strengthen the nails, thus preventing them from peeling and breaking. 




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Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Base Coat Check Price
Konad Regular Polish – R61 Base Coat 10 ml Check Price
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat Check Price
OPI Natural Nail Strengthener Check Price
Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base & Top Coat Check Price
Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base and Top Coat Check Price
Konad Special Base Coat Check Price

Best 10 Base Coat Nail Polish Products:


 Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Base Coat

 Sally Henson is a well known international cosmetic brand that is now available in India. Sally Hansen Insta Grip Quick Dry Base Coat is one of the most expensive top coats available on the market. It gives your nails a shiny shine and prevents them from breaking and peeling. Using this base coat will make the polish last longer. 

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 Konad Regular Polish – R61 Base Coat 10 ml

 Conad regular polish is the base coat of affordable original nails. This base coat is a good option if you are on a budget. It dries quite quickly and will give your nails an excellent varnish finish. 

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Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat

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 OPI Natural Nail Strengthener

If you are looking for the best best coat nail polish products then you should definitely try to strengthen OPI nails. This base coat from OPI is used and supported by saloons worldwide for its outstanding results. It protects your nails from breaking completely and also maintains the color of the natural nail. 


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