When you go buying blusher for your face, it is important to consider what type of blusher you should buy. There is a wide array of textures and finishes in which it is available, and if you choose the wrong type of blusher using it may become a bit messy and a bit tricky.

While your skin type does count in making a choice, about the blusher type that will suit you best, you also need to look at how easy it is to apply the particular type and whether it is easier to blend, to get to the right effect.

There are four different types of blushers, and we have detailed them out here so that it becomes easier for you to pick and choose the perfect type.

Powder Blush

This is the most commonly available type, and nearly every well known makeup brand manufactures this type. This is long lasting and fairly easy to apply, and that’s what makes it the most popular. The best way to apply powder blush is using a makeup brush, as with the makeup brush it becomes easy to spread it evenly on your cheeks and to blend it well with your natural skin.

Gel Blush

This one isn’t as easy to apply, as the one we just talked about, but it is still popular because of the lovely translucent shine that it gives to your cheeks. This is best for you when your skin is somewhere between normal to oily. For this you don’t really need a makeup brush, as it can be easily applied using just your fingertips. It dries up quickly and is much more long lasting than the powder version.

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Cream Blush

This is a little thicker than all the other blusher types, and as the name is indicative it comes with a cream base. And obviously, with its cream base, it is ideal for dry skin as it contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients. The creamy texture allows your skin to absorb the blush easily, while at the same time it makes it easier to spread it and to blend it.

Tint Blush

These aren’t very popular, but they’re definitely the best choice when you want to proceed with applying blush without using the foundation as a base. Even in terms of touch-up it’s much more convenient, than all the other types, however you don’t really need to touch it up so often because one application can easily last you all through the day. But you need to be very careful while applying it, because it dries up very fast, and thus blending it can turn out to be a bit tricky.

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