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 Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream Review – Designerplanet

 Product Description:

Dove Deep Moisturization Cream is a light, non -greasy oil with a warm and fragrant scent. It refreshes your skin, smells good and has a soft texture. Rich in unique nutriduo complexes, this Dove daily moisturizing cream works in two ways. Combining the skin’s natural nutrients and goodness with essential oils, the two-step approach nourishes the deeper layers of your skin, while preventing the loss of moisture from above. 

Comes in a cute round jar with a large screw lid. The jars are easy to store, carry and use. I feel that these jars are someway better than the condensed ones because it is very difficult to produce the finished products.

With these jars it becomes a lot easier. Got all the information like expiration date, mix, price and everything. Plus, it comes in a very soothing lovely pink color. 

Dove Deep Moisturization Cream

    Absorbs Easily
    No Greasy Feel
    Locks in moisture for 24 hours
    Nourishes Skin Deeply
    Sweet Fragrance
    For All Skin Types – Normal, Dry, and Oily
    Long Lasting Soft and Smooth Skin

How to Use Dove Deep Miniaturization Cream

    Scoop with two fingers
    Apply as per your need
    Gently rub until absorbed


The classic dove fragrance. You know that mild soothing milky fragrance those dove body soaps has? This dove deep moisturisation cream smells the exact same way.
It is neither too thick nor runny in the consistency. Right after the application and massage, skin felt really soothed and nourished.

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    Light and non-greasy body butter.
    Fresh floral fragrance.
    Suitable for all skin types in summer and oily skin in winter.
    Keeps skin moisturized and soft for whole day.
    Gets absorbed quickly.
    Pocket-friendly and available at good discount.


    Might not be enough to counter winter dryness.
    Tub packaging.
    Not paraben free.


 Rare Dove Silky Soft Feeling Skin Nourishing Body Cream Pampering Lotion – 300ml Tub

Dove Supple Bounce Body Lotion, for Soft,Bouncy,Smooth Skin,48Hrs Moisturisation, Paraben Free, with Plant based Moisturiser,Quick Absobtion,400ml 

Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream (Deep Care Complex) 300 ml

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