Whoever said that ‘eyes are the windows to a person’s soul’, I completely agree with him because none other facial feature expresses as much as the eyes.

Beautiful eyes can arrest the attention of the onlooker, and so it makes perfect sense to play up the beauty of your eyes with some makeup. In terms of eye make up, the most important role is played by the eyeshadow and if you want your eyes to work the magic you will surely benefit from the tips and tricks that we have enlisted here.

1. Blending is the secret: you’ll mostly need about two or three different shades of eyeshadow to create a dramatic effect, but unless you make all these shades blend smoothly and harmoniously into the each other you may not be able to achieve the desired effect.

2. Choosing the shades: there are just two ways to decide on what eyeshadow color will suit you best, and these are either you have to match the eye shadow’s shade with the natural color of your eyes or go in for some contrasting shade. You may have to experiment, a little, to find out what shades highlight the natural beauty of your eyes in the best possible way.

3. Don’t over extend the territory: some women extend their eyeshadow right on to the brow bone, but that’s not how you’re suppose to use eyeshadow, you need to end your eyeshadow a little before you reach the brow bone.

4. Highlighting the crease: it’s important to blend the highlighter around the outer edge of the crease, to make your eyes appear larger and more beautiful.

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5. Primer is a must: before you proceed with applying the eyeshadow, it’s always better to use a primer because a primer makes your eyelids look smoother while at the same time it will make your eye makeup to last longer.

6. Be careful with the shimmer: use shimmer in moderation, because any excess of it may make the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes become more prominent.

Eyeshadow – Eye Makeup