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The hairstyle of a person forms one of the most important aspects of his personality. So, for most of the people, getting a new haircut or styling the hair in a new way seems to be the best way to change their look. Not many people are aware of the fact that just by changing the color of their hair; they can bring about a drastic change in their personality. The only consideration is that the hair color should be selected keeping in mind the year’s hair color trends and at the same time, should go well with your skin tone. In the following lines, we have listed the hair colors that are most likely to be ‘hot’ in 2019.

Hair Color Trends 2019


Brunette hair has always managed to make heads turn and the same will hold true in 2019 as well. If, by any chance, you have black, purple or stripy highlights, get rid of them right away. 2019 is all about the natural look. Go for a light and warm brunette base and top it off with subtle, golden highlights. Slightly darker color at the roots and under-layers will add the perfect depth to your hair.


One of the hottest hair colors in the year 2019 is going to be ebony. A dark black shade, it beautifully complements those who have a fair skin. It will especially make you stand out in the winters, when everything around you is dull and mostly, white.


One of the most popular shades in 2009, as far as hair color is concerned, will be red. The warm shades of red are the one that are going you make you look ‘hot’ this season. The base of your hair should be intense, giving it depth and dimension, but topped off with golden highlights. However, you can also go for burgundy, strawberry blonde, copper brown and auburn shades.

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Natural Blonde

If you are a blonde, then keeping your natural hair color is not such a bad idea after all. However, you can combine it with rich highlights and lowlights, in order to provide just the right contrast. If you are planning to get blonde color for your hair, then try to incorporate multiple shades, rather than sticking to just one or two. It will make the blonde color look natural.

Deep Chocolate Brown

If you are not ready to paint your hair black, then deep chocolate dark brown is another hair color that you can look forward. It is going to be hot in the coming year and is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. You can also mix it up, by choosing a brown shade with golden tones.