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Best Hair Colour Brand in India 

Hair dying is one of the most common traditions that has existed for a really long time. Right from fashion to cultural festivals, hair dyes have taken a very important and integral part of human civilizations, and continues to do so. However, in today’s time hair coloring enjoys a much more important place in fashion, than it did in the last 100 years.

 Since “ammonia-free” is becoming a mantra in the hair care world, let’s understand the difference between ammonia and ammonia-free hair colors. 


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 What is the difference between ammonia and ammonia free hair dyes?

Before you look at the difference between ammonia-based and ammonia-free hair dyes, let’s learn about the purpose of ammonia in products.

Ammonia serves as an ingredient that opens the hair shaft during color training and makes it more absorbent. This helps keep the color for a long period of time. However, ammonia also lightens your natural hair color gradually. Ammonia molecules are very small and evaporate quickly. This is the reason why ammonia-based hair dyes are easily washed away.

On the other hand, ammonia-free products still contain various chemical components. In fact, ammonia-free products tend to be less optimal than ammonia-based hair dyes. This is because the former use larger molecules that do not have the ability to penetrate as deep into the hair as the latter. But these products do not have a pungent odor and last longer than ammonia-based products.

Let us now look at the pros and cons of ammonia-free hair dye.

Benefits of ammonia-free hair dyes

  •     These are less harmful to your hair.
  •     They do not damage the cuticle despite many uses.
  •     They keep your hair soft and silky.
  •     They can also be used on damaged hair.
  •     They are odorless.
  •     They do not change the internal cuticle bands like ammonia-based hair dyes.
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Disadvantages of ammonia-free hair dyes

  •     They tend to leave a residue on the follicles.
  •     The chemicals need time to evaporate.
  •     They are hard to rinse.
  •     They are relatively less lively.

Best Hair Colour Brand in India 

 L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss

 L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss is one of the best ammonia-free hair dyes on the market. The brand is also one of the first to launch ammonia-free hair dyes. This semi-permanent hair dye gently adds a natural-looking color to your hair. The formula blurs gray hair and provides 100% coverage. It is specially formulated to cover the hair fibers from the depths. Not only does it add intense shine, but it also imparts a delicious fragrance to your hair. The color is intended to last up to 28 washes and leaves your hair looking brighter and healthier. This rich formula is infused with coconut oil, goji extract, hazelnut and honey.


     Improves hair texture.
     A small product goes a long way

     Hassle-free application
     Condition your hair
     Add shine and shine to hair
     Contains natural extracts.
     Effective formula to cover gray hair


     Starts to fade in a few weeks. 

Because we like it?
Long lasting, coverage, ammonia free, easy to use –

      Without ammonia
      It is pro-keratin, which helps strengthen hair.
      Helps maintain hair color due to its unique formula.
      Makes hair look thick and shiny.
      The shadow looks amazing  

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 Garnier Olia Brilliant Color

 Why Do We Like It?

    Ammonia Free
    Made out of natural ingredients like olive oil
    Non-drip formula ensures it sticks to your hair till you wash it off
    Gives your a thick texture look that doesn’t wash off easily
    Available in multiple colours and different shades of black and brown

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Garnier’s Olia has a 60% oil-infused formula with natural flower oils. The product has a velvet creamy formula that does not drip and smells good. The oil helps reverse damage and makes your hair look healthier. Available in 34 shades, from shiny black to glowing blonde. The product also claims to give your hair a triple shine with long-lasting color results.


     Nice floral smell
     No artificial skin
     Help dry hair
     Shine bright


     Not long lasting 

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BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour

This salon-grade hair color is a hit with Bollywood beauties. This pack comes with a sparkling tonic that needs to be added to the color and the developer. Infused with silk proteins that give your hair a natural shine. This luxurious creamy formula is drip free and fragrance free. It is important not to use a new color over the previous one as this will give you a more intense result.Leave it on for 30 minutes and treat your hair as desired.

     Long shine
     Gracefully faded
     It takes 8 weeks.
     Act fast
     Covering 100% gray hair
     Affordable price


     Contains chemicals 



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 Revlon Top Speed Hair Color

 Revlon Top Speed is another great hair dye that you can choose from! It comes with a professional brush that covers the ends of the roots and has a unique speed technology that helps color your hair in 15 minutes.This ammonia-free formula is sure to condition your hair from root to tip according to color. Its nourishing properties prevent hair from drying out.


      High pigment
      Gracefully faded
      Act fast
      No side effects
      Make your hair softer and smoother.


      Not stain

Why we love it:

      Free from ammonia like most good
      Available in different shades for both men and women.
      Easy and fast




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Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color 


Clairol’s Natural Instincts Hair Color claims to help your hair feel healthier and stronger after treatment. It protects your hair from surface damage as it develops fairly quickly. It has an ammonia-free and non-drip formula, which not only But covered in gray But also improves the color of dark hair The color comes with a conditioner containing coconut oil. Helps eliminate frizz and roughness, leaving hair soft and shiny.

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     Suitable for dry and dull hair.
     In harmony with your natural hair color
     Eliminate pale and uneven tones.




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Schwarzkopf Essensity Ammonia-Free Permanent Color

Schwarzkopf is one of the best brands and is recognized worldwide. Packed with rich ingredients, it lasts for extended periods of time and is difficult to wash off unless shampooed regularly.The formula contains hydrating grapeseed oil with no ammonia or other harmful chemicals. There are 58 shades to choose from in this range.


    Can lift up to 4 levels of color
    Wide range of shades
    Suitable for dry hair and scalp
    Softens hair with use
    No artificial fragrance


    Developer needs to be bought separately.

Because we like it:

      Ammonia-free hair dye
      Full of ingredients that colors and strengthens hair.
      It comes in different colors and shades like brown or black.



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Matrix Wonder Black Ammonia Free Hair Colour

 Matrix Wonder Black ammonia-free hair color provides 100% gray coverage with natural-looking results. The product claims to add approximately five times more shine after coloring. It has a golden gel texture that is meant to protect and preserve your hair shaft, ensuring that it remains smooth and manageable after processing. It claims to reach the hidden gray threads with its jet black pigments. Color lasts up to 6 weeks before fading gracefully.

      Highly pigmented
      Improves hair texture.
      Gives 100% gray coverage
      Leaves your hair shiny and shiny
      Add a natural look
      Long lasting


      It has only 4 shades



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