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 10 Best Table Fans In India 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

  Summer is really unbearable. One of the best options to stay cleaner and relax in hot and humid weather is to use a table fan. Of course, aircon is the best option for improving the efficiency of respecting the best performance for your room; Fan tables can be an inexpensive option and yes, portable. Usha is one of the most popular brands in India as far as fans, especially table fans – we will take a look at the best table fans from Usha in this post. 


Best Selling Table Fans in India

Best Table Fans Reviews in India


Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan (Red)



    Power: 55 watts
    Variable speeds – 3
    Warranty – One year
    Air Delivery – 67 CMM
    Speed – 1280 RPM

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan is primarily the first entry in almost all the reviews and lists consisting the table fans in India. The fan has a 400 mm sweep performance and comes with an excellent build quality and value for money functions

.Warranty: 1 year

No of Blades: 3

Overall the best table fan in the market at present, and without doubt our favorite. We highly recommend Usha Maxx mainly for its strong built motor, which we believe is the heart of a fan.

Additional Features

    Jerk-free oscillation makes sure the fan doesn’t move from its place
    Transparent blades allow you to not miss a single speck of dust while cleaning


    Big brand
    Powerful performance


    Not rechargeable


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  Usha Mist Air Icy 400mm Pedestal Fan (Blue) 




    Blade sweep – 400 MM
    Number of Speed Controls – 3
    Power – 55 watts
    Speed – 1280 RPM
    Air delivery – 67 CMM
    Warranty – Two years
Enjoy the best world class experience with Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55 Watt-Table Fan which throws air at a very high speed, concentrated in a single direction. The air delivery is very dynamic as well as the customization available in the product is highly beneficial. The flexibility in terms of the operation of the product is highly beneficial as it comes with life long warrant of the motor that make the table fan durable.

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    The overheating of the motor doesn’t result in burnout of the motor.
    The head of the table fan easily tilts in the right angle due to its pivot arrangement.
    The oscillation of the head of the fan is seamless, without any hurdles.


    Design of the blades of the fan are aerodynamically designed, thus making it more efficient.
    Thermal overload due to over consumption is strictly taken care of.
    Consumes very less energy, thus sustainable in nature.


    According to some users, the warranty claim procedure is not smooth.
    Due to excessive use, few users have reported slowdown of the motor.
    Air throw distance can be increased, as the maximum air throw distance is 6 feet.

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AmazonBasics – High Speed Table Fan for Cooling with Automatic Oscillation (400 MM)55W



 The brand also offers a 1-year warranty on the product against all the manufacturing defects.

Power Consumption: 55 watts

Warranty: 1 Year

No of Blades: 3

In a nutshell, this is a lightweight fan with a powerful copper motor that can provide cool air to small cubicles, bedrooms or kitchens.


    Automatic 80-degree oscillation to cover the entire room.
    1-year warranty from the brand.
    Lightweight (3.7 kgs).


    Makes a bit of noise during operation.

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  Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan (White)* 

     Sweep : 400mm, Power : 55W, Air Delivery : 75CMM, RPM: 1300
    Acrylic blades : Consistent air delivery and zero warp from air pressure – even over time
    Overload thermal protector : Acts as a fuse and protects the motor from damage
    High Speed : Provides high RPM
    Warranty : 2 years on product


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Piesome Powerful Rechargeable High Speed Table Fan with LED Light for Home, Office Desk, Kitchen… 


     2 in 1 8″ Inch Leaf Table Fan Works in AC and DC when Power Fails, Can Be Charged Using Solar Panel Boards also
    2 step Speed and 21 LED with Low medium and High Brightness, Individual Button for Fan & Light. Both Fan & Light can be used at a Time. led lamp can be used 8 hours OR fan use up to 4 hours or more. led light and fan at the same time about the same use of up to 3 hours…
    The Fan Can Be Mounted in Fall and Can be Place on Table, an be carried anywhere easily, it is light weighted rechargeable fan
    The Fan Height Can Be Adjusted Vertically, Swing Option is not There.

Important features:

    In the LED lamp mode, you can use it for 8 hours straight.
    In the fan mode, you can use it for more than 4 hours.
    In both the LED and fan mode, you can use it for 3 hours.

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Power Consumption: 1.88 W

Voltage: 220 Volts

No of blades: 3

Overall, this is a compact and lightweight fan, which is best for a single-person use. With the speed and brightness controls, it is one of the convenient fans in the market.


    Comes in handy during studying or while working.
    Adequate lighting.
    Vertically rotatable for better air flow.


    It takes up to 8 hours for a full charge.

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Havells Swing LX High Speed 400mm Table Fan (Cool Blue)* 


 Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan is one of the cutest looking table fans which is available in the market. Featuring the wonderful revolving head, the fan throws air across all the directions, without any fail. The fan comes in quirky yellow colour, thus helping you to decorate your room. The shape of the fan is in the form of a crescent moon or eclipsed sun, thus it derives its name as Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan.


    The fan can be used as a mounting fan or table fan too.
    The speed of the fan is 1350 rotations per minute.
    Product comes with a warranty of 2 years; hence you need not worry about mechanical damage.
    Total levels of speed are three.


    If your fan falls accidentally, the fan shuts down automatically. Auto-cut feature.
    The fan can be operated across three different speeds and has a timer of couple of hours.
    Wonderful and quirky shape of the fan makes it look excellent decoration for home.
    The fan doesn’t make any noise during its operation.


    There is no option for battery-based operation of the fan.
    The rotation of the fan is restricted due to mechanical shortcomings.


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iBell Fan Wall/Table… 

 iBell has been providing us with many great products for years. They offer a huge range of security cameras, garden tools, power tools, fans, cleaning tools, and many more. One product from Bell that we are reviewing here is the iBell WF9816 wall fan.

Main Features

    Offers High RPM at 1350
    Allows you to set the fan in 30 vertical adjustments
    Fan consumes voltage between 220-240v


    For users safety, it has a poly-coated grill
    Offers a 3-speed option so that you can have fan speed as per your need.


    Built material is of low quality.


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 Baltra Savy Wall and table fan Multi Purpose Fan12inch (304.8mm)*

 Table fans have been highly efficient in providing relief during the sultry weather conditions. Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Table Fan, which is only available in white colour, is highly efficient in making the summer cool and comfortable.

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The fan doesn’t create any unnecessary sound of the air cutting through the blades. With an increased efficiency and durability, the table fan offers the best air delivery during the summer. Best fit for operation during any climate.


    Oscillation of the head of the fan takes place from one direction to another.
    The fan works solely on the electricity and it doesn’t use any battery for operation.
    The table fan comes with a warranty of 1 year.


    Eco-friendly, hence it doesn’t cause any pollution in the environment.
    Doesn’t consume large amount of electricity in its operation
    High quality of the product


    Assembly of the product can become difficult at times.
    In some cases, air speed is said to have been less than expected.
    Lock of the cage of the fan is said to be not functioning properly.

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 JIYANA Foldable Desktop Aromatic Rechargeable mini 6 Inch Small Fan Table for Home Kitchen -…


     Removable front mesh cover for easy cleaning
    Can add essence or perfume
    3 step Speed AND fan use up to 4 hours or more
    The Fan Can Be Mounted in Fall and Can be Place on Table, an be carried anywhere easily, it is light weighted rechargeable fan
    The charging cable is included in the box AND super power saving performance


Benefits of a Table Fan

Having a table fan is one of the most convenient and affordable solutions. Here are some of the significant benefits of a table fan –




  It is personalized equipment, and you can adjust the direction of its airflow. You can either let the fan cool the whole area or let it focus just on you!

    The air does not turn biting cold and dry like an air conditioner after some time.
    The electricity bill will not put a hole in your pocket.
    It’s portable, so wherever you sit, you can just plug the fan and enjoy some cool air.
    It’s primarily compatible with inverters. So even during power cuts, you do not have to sweat your fortunes.
    The motors are very heavy duty, and hence, a table fan would cool you better. Unlike ceiling fans, table fans do not heat the room.

Working of a Table Fan

Before we move on to the list of best table fans, let’s understand the basic functioning of a table fan.

The table fan uses a single-phase motor as a cardinal part. The starting torque, or what you call the fan’s initial rotation, is facilitated by a capacitor. The capacitor is basically like a powerhouse that helps in starting and running the motor of the fan. When the power flows through the motor, a magnetic field is created. This enables the motor to run and the fan blades to rotate.