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Black Saree

Black Saree

Fashionistas swear by the color black. And so does everyone else. It’s a universal favorite. It’s the ultimate. It’s not for nothing that the rule of thumb, when in doubt, wear black, was invented. This color exudes sensuality, mystery, power and also elegance. Deemed as a formal color, it denotes authority and strength also. The popularity of le noir was elevated to another level thanks to the Little Black Dress (fashionably known as the LBD) made popular by Coco Chanel, which Audrey Hepburn epitomized in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Similar to the LBD, the black saree can also be considered as a fashion staple. Just as no wardrobe is ever complete without the little black dress, the absence of the black saree also makes a wardrobe incomplete. The black saree is a great option for the Indian woman as black is a slimming color and to add to that saree is a slimming outfit. Mais oui, you can’t expect to make a style statement draped in six yards of plain fabric. When it comes to monochrome, you need to play with surfaces and textures to achieve that panache. Embellishments with black sequins, black beads, black bugle beads, etc give it that shimmer and shine that break the monotony of black.

Our section Black Couture is a good place to start hunting for that quintessential black saree. We offer an exquisite range including a lot of variety. Classic blacks, which do not possess the touch of any other color but rich embellishments with black sequins and beads imparts a killing look. You will love the way it shines and shimmers.

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But if you are the type who likes a combo of some color with black, you won’t be disappointed either. It contrasts great with other colors and highlights them too. We have for you mesmerizing black and sizzling black and reds

sparkling black and silvers and regal black and gold. So drape ‘em and it won’t be long before your beloved starts humming Carlos Santana’s Black Magic Woman….. I got a Black Magic Woman… You got your spell on me, baby…..