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    admin Uncategorized Comments Off on Designer Planet: This Genius Trick Makes Putting On Glitter Nail Polish So Much Easier

Polish glitter is very beautiful to look at, but very hard on. It takes a lot to put those shiny polishing and make your nails shining. Getting this ideal look without smudging, uneven, incomplete, seems impossible. So in this article we will give you some great tips to put on those easily.Required Items:      Coat […]

    admin Uncategorized Comments Off on Designer Planet: Benefits of Neem Beauty

Benefits of Neem BeautyAcne can be cured      Take a few leaves of the neem and boiled in water.      Dip the cotton ball into the water and rub it evenly on your face.      You can also use neem yogurt or a neem face bag to reduce your face fat. Dry skin can be […]

    admin Uncategorized Comments Off on Designer Planet: Best Drugstore Blushes

Drugstore is the beauty industry’s most buzzworthy phrase. No longer just the moniker for America’s pharmacies, it’s now the go-to phrase for describing affordable, easily-accessed make-up, skin and haircare. And The Drugstore Beauty Directory is your definitive guide to the best products at pocket-friendly prices to add to your cosmetics collection now. Best Drugstore Blushes […]

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