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  • 1,350.00

    Latkans as bridal accessory are something that you cannot just ignore. Giving utmost importance to your lehenga and adding that Latkans embroidered with personalized messages.
    You can include both your names, date of wedding, wedding hashtag, personalised quotes, etc. to make an interesting latkan for your wedding lehenga.
    Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in our work station. You can get ANYTHING customised in these latkans.

  • 1,450.00

    These Customized Latkans are trending right now and we love how they just add a perfect oomph to your complete Indian look.
    High quality Satin fabric & we have the most prettiest bridal Latkan for your wedding Lehenga to add stylish factor.
    Colour Latkan Available in more Colour.