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    Cosmetic Buds:- Just like cotton swabs can be used to apply makeup. Outlining your lips after applying lipstick. What sucks about applying nail polish for yourself is the blotchy stains that happen around your nail. But no worries, a cotton swab can fix that. Looking for a long lasting scent? Dip a cotton swab in one of your favourite oils and apply it to your pressure points, such as the wrists and back of the knees.
    Cotton Pads:- 100% Safe, Chemical Free; Dermatological Tested; Micro biologically Tested & Skin Friendly. Recommended for Cosmetic and Hygienic use, ideal for make-up removal; Can be used to gently cleanse and dry your baby’s skin. losed edges prevent from fibre separation; Sealed with a zip lock seal, therefore kept it free form Dust, Moisture And Other Unwanted Elements. Two sided : 1. Plain side is ideal for cosmetics application. 2. Embossed side is perfect for gentle skin cleansing.
    Cotton Ball:- If you’re just going on an overnight trip, or just a night out but carrying a tiny clutch that barely fits your lipstick, apply powder, bronzer and blush to cotton balls. Short-handled brushes need love, too! For those shorter brushes, cotton balls can act as a booster seat inside your brush cup. By storing your eye makeup remover in a jar with cotton balls, everything is neatly in one place, ready for removal.