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A simple glass cleaner is baking soda and water! To prevent windows from steaming: Clean the glass occasionally with a cloth moistened with glycerin. Wipe it so only a trace of the glycerin is left on the surface. Use on the inside of a window.


Dingy or rusty gilt picture frames may be cleaned by simply washing them with a small sponge moistened with oil of turpentine or spirits of wine! Take care that the sponge does not become saturated. The sponge should be damp, not soaking. Gently wipe off the dirt and rust. DO NOT WIPE DRY…Let the frames dry themselves.

Another method to clean gilt frames: Carefully dust the frame. Make a mixture of 1 ounce of baking soda and 3 egg whites. Beat well. Wash the frames with this mix. Touch up scrapes with gold paint. A small bedroom will appear larger if you keep the bedspread the same color as the walls.

More Household Hints!

Have a squeaky door hinge?

Get a can of lubricating oil and some paper and cloth. Hold the paper or cloth near the squeaky hinge.. Put a few drops of oil at the top of the hinge and let the oil run in and down by moving the hinge back and forth. Wipe off the excess oil! No more squeaks.

Keep your cut flowers longer!

Want to keep your cut flowers for a longer period of time? Especially those beautiful roses you will be getting on Valentines Day? Take 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar and mix in a quart of water. Use this water in your flower vase. It should extend the life of your flowers for a few days longer! And, before you place the flowers in the vase, be sure to cut each stem at the bottom at an angle

Tools to have around the house:

Oil Can, Pliers, screw drivers (regular and Phillips head) and a hammer. This is about all you will need for easy fix its, along with the usual nails, tacks and picture hangers.

Here are 15 Home Decor Tips that will help you transform your home into something special.

1. Upgrade the doormat.

Doormat Your doormat is the first thing you and your guests see. Do you have a plain, old, tired mat?  Maybe it’s time to throw it out and get something new. Look at your local home furniture store or Garden centre, you’ll be amazed at the wide selection of styles available.

You could even have a doormat for each season. How about  one for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

2. De clutter.

We don’t realize it but over time we collect so many things and keep adding without taking away that more often than not we clutter up our homes with way too much stuff. Use storage space and come up with innovative ways to store your things. Not only closet space but think of things like storing things under the bed or in the base of furniture.

3. Choose Appropriate size Furniture

Reduce the size of furniture. How many times have you seen a four poster king size bed in a room that shouldn’t have anything bigger than a double. If you can’t get smaller furniture try having less.

4. Rearrange Furniture

The simple act of changing the furnitures orientation brings a whole new look to a room. Changing the rooms traffic pattern also helps save the carpets.

5. Remove Heavy Cushions

Still on the furniture theme. Think of getting rid of those piles of huge throw cushions. One or two may be OK but too many start to clutter up the place again.

6. Lighten, Brighten and Whiten

White definitely adds brightness and lightness to a room.  Try things like using white bathroom towels, lampshades, candles, picture frames and throw pillows (remember to keep them to a minimum)

7. Plants

Orchid:A couple of strategically placed plants adds interest to your home. There are lots of plants with low water needs that work very well in homes. Depending on where you live try succulents (many interesting shapes) or orchids. Orchids are long blooming and come in a stunning variety of shapes and colors.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors help create the illusion of space and the appropriate use of mirrors helps add brightness and lightness to a room. Think of using a framed mirror in an entrance hall or above a fireplace.

9. Color

Freshen up the paint and add some color. You don’t have to paint the whole house but touching up nicks and adding some accents really works wonders. Use cool colors to make rooms look bigger, Warm colors make big rooms look smaller.

Accent colors can be used in small quantities to accent or highlight a certain feature giving it that ‘wow-factor’

10. Lighting

Utilize as much natural light as you can. Again think whiteness, brightness lightness. Reading lamps create a warm cozy feeling on winter nights. Spotlights can add stunning effects to a room or highlight a feature or piece of furniture. Candles can also be used to great effect.

11. Create Fun and Flair

Display glassware and have a decanter or two. Keep a chess set or cards on the coffee table. Put up a telescope at a large window for stargazing. What about a pair of binoculars and a reference book within easy reach for birdwatching.

12. Wall Art

wall art:  A piece of wall art can accent the room and create the mood you’re looking for. The nice thing about wall art is that you can move it to another room as required.

13. Display your favorite finds.

We all find some treasures that we love to keep. Why not display them. They create great talking points and also serve to remind you of the great time you had discovering them.

14. Candles

Strategically placed candles, even if never lit, add comfort to the home. A few tall candles in elegan holders on a server adds so much class to a dinning room. A big candle above a fireplace for example can add a dramatic effect.

15. Window Treatments

Although replacing window treatments can be expensive, think of accentuating existing window treatments with Valences and tie backs’.

So there you have it, with a little imagination you can do wonders for your home decor. Try some or even all of these ideas to breath new life into you home.