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 Here’s one of the things to keep in mind before you click on your browsers – and it can eventually cause re-growth problems forever. Yes really! Acute haemorrhage can lead to permanent alopecia.
     If you want to experiment without sticking to something permanent, you can always try other temporary techniques such as creating eyebrow incision using make-up. You only need to makeup your regular eyebrow and some scaly blemishes to create cuts.

Browbones have become very popular among young people. However, do not just mimic idols. Try and understand what suits you and your style! This was our job creating cracks on the eyebrows. What do you think of this trend? Is it something you will try? Please let us know in the comments section below!

How to Create Eyebrow Cracks

The trick involves creating high, vertical incisions towards the sides of the eyebrows. You can work up to one to three cracks in one or both eyebrows.
what do you need

    Shaver or electric scissors
    Scotch tape

Step 1: Mark it

Before starting, make sure you know where you want to place the cracks in it. Use a white eyeliner pen to mark the vertical lines where you want to place the cracks on your eyebrows. This ensures accuracy and accuracy.

Step 2 Place Tape Parallel To The Line

Stick some tape on both sides of the line, leaving a thin gap between them. This is where you will create your eyebrow incision. The stripes guide you in straight line razor blades and prevent you from making any mistakes.

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Step 3: Shaving!

Carefully trim the eyebrow hair between two pieces of tape. The trick is to move just vertically! Be sure not to press hard or exit the lines where you do not want to remove the tape from the rest of your forehead.
Step 4: Remove the tape

Remove the tape gently. Be careful not to pull any eyebrow hair. Use a wet wipe to clear the lining. If you have missed one or two hairs, just pull it with the forceps.

You now have eyebrows cracks!

Now that you have a fair picture of how to create eyebrow incisions, here is a guide to some helpful tips and preventive measures that should be taken into consideration as you do so.