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Designer Planet:Frankincense Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Frankincense Oil

    Frankincense-essential oil-to-frankincense-resin helps a meditation. To promote spiritual awareness, and to focus the inner peace while meditating, use the frankincense oil to help calm and focus your mind. The frondes are compounds known as sesquiterpenes, which work directly on the limbic system of the brain, memory and the center of emotions. Frankincense is centered for calm, grounding and nervous system. Diffuse it in your room, or breathe straight from the bottle at the beginning of your meditation.
    For respiratory support. Frankincus has a powerful health support for respiratory problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia and bronchitis. It also helps when it suffers from laryngitis. Diffuse it in the room where you want to spend some time. For best results, use an Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuer. Do not warm the essential oils anytime, because heating them decreases their therapeutic effects.
    To calm the nightmares. Make frankincense oil diluted as described below and rub the arteries on the edges of the neck before the nightmare so that the nightmares can be relieved (yes, actually!).
    Skin complaint Whether your skin is dry and mature or oily and smelly, frankincense oil has amazing balance properties. It helps in reducing lines and wrinkles by tightening and toning the skin, accelerates the treatment of bleeding, skin ulcers and wounds, and stimulates cell regeneration. For anti-aging benefits, insert several drops into your favorite night’s moisturizer. For acne and blemishes, clean it directly on the problem area, as long as your skin is not very sensitive, then dilute as described below.

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    For immunity support Take out the vapor from the bottle, or help in spreading the frank oil so that immunity can be promoted. Research shows that natural plant chemical components in the frankincense oil stimulate the immune system.