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Muslim Wedding Makeup

Muslim wedding wear

Most Muslim brides go to Sharara. It has a curti, a veil and a pair of pants that expand dramatically. The knee area has a complex embroidery with dawn and zardori work. Usually made of silk brocade fabric. You can choose from a variety of colors for your wedding. Mostly pink and burgundy look amazing. Choose the right color for your dress according to your choice and complexion. You can also go to ghagra choli. Wedding makeup should complement the dress.

 Eye makeup: Shape eyebrows with eyebrow pencil and a little hairspray, try to put them in place if they are too thick and unstable. For eyelids, use eye shadows that blend well with your wedding attire, choosing at least three different colors that are applied strategically. False eyelashes can be used if even after applying mascara your eyelashes are not attractive enough.

Lip makeup: lips are the second most attractive part of wedding makeup. Align them properly using a deep colored lip liner and fill the lips with the appropriate color with a touch of a slightly different and brighter color. Apply gloss to create a total sensual effect.

The rest of the face: Apply a blush of stylish color and line it over your cheeks and forehead. Most of the head will be occupied by stylish jhoomar, the inevitable decoration of the forehead for the bride.

Hair styling: Wear your hair in a curly tuft with loose curls on the sides, framing your face and giving it softness. If you do not have high cheekbones, then try the traditional neat bun with a few clicks near the ears. In any case, style your hair well and stylishly, because your hair is visible through the veil, and you, of course, do not want the first impression to go wrong. You can use thin decorative jewelry or hair brooches, but do not overdo it.

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        Start your skin and hair care at least six weeks before the wedding. It is a good idea to get regular facials. Consult your cosmetologist to find out which cosmetics are best for your hair and skin type. Try to avoid excessive sun exposure and extreme weather conditions, such as wind and extreme cold. In addition, to avoid the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, try to sleep as much as possible, even if planning a wedding tires you.