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Benefits of a facial massage
Helps relieve tension

When your face is tense, you are more likely to wrinkle it, and as a result, it can cause wrinkles. These must be massaged regularly. It only takes a few minutes to relax your face, but, for people with acne or oily skin, it can take at least 10 minutes, if you have normal skin, do it for 20 minutes.
Increases blood circulation


Likewise, you take care of your back, feet and neck; your face requires a similar gentle treatment. We often use a back massager and foot massagers, but we tend to forget the face. When you massage the soft lines of your face, it increases the flow of oxygen around the eyes, mouth and eyebrows.

Having the right amount of blood around your eyes always makes you look fresh and full of energy.
Acts as a facelift

Regularly stimulating the muscles of your face with a good face, the massager alone acts as an anti-aging technique. Indeed, the increase in blood flow increases the production of collagen and ensures a healthy and radiant complexion at all times.
Allows your face to easily absorb facial products

Thanks to the use of the facial massager, your face is normally rejuvenated and the pores are always open, which allows the face to very easily absorb the products you want to use on it.

This includes facial treatments, which are easily accepted by the skin, and they start working immediately.
You will start to look younger

Now, depending on your skin and your age, when you regularly perform a facial massage, you incorporate muscle stimulation which, combined with a daily skin care routine, will cause your skin to start looking much younger.

Detoxifies your skin and also helps remove fat

Following a regular massage, your skin receives more blood, which helps flush out unwanted toxins. Large spots on your skin are also removed, which leads to a reduction in the appearance of spots and other acne problems.
Reduces the need for cosmetic therapy

Following a regular massage, your face will look fresher and younger, so you will not see the need for makeup.

For people who continue to use different products to treat their facial problems, regular massage ensures that you will no longer need to use these products because your face will be naturally exfoliated and fresh.
Makes you very beautiful

Regular facial massage will leave your face acne free, spot free, wrinkle free and always fresh. It makes you very beautiful.

Types of face massagers

Before moving on to the list of the best face massagers in India, you might want to check out the types of face massagers available as this would help you simplify your choice. These are different types of face massagers available on the market

    Electric face massager – These are also known as mechanical face massagers and use a battery or electricity to work. They are definitely one of the most popular masseurs available in India and use a vibrating motor to offer you a massage experience. There may be a different type of massage that you can get using a mechanical face massage and it totally depends on the model you buy.
    Facial roller massager – This type of facial massager comes with a roller and are mostly manual devices. You may also be able to find some of the electric models in this. All you have to do to use the face massager is that you have to press the roller against your face and use it according to your comfort level.
    Ultrasonic Face Massager – These are one of the most expensive types of face massagers available. They use high frequency sound to cleanse and stimulate the face. Often, ultrasonic facial massagers use a battery to work and can provide the best possible results

JSB HF16 Facial Massager Machine with 5 Attachments

 If you are looking for something really affordable then you would not be disappointed with this product on our list. It is one of the most affordable face massager available in India and at the same time, it comes with 5 attachments. So you get a quality and high utility at a very affordable price. Talking about the attachments, you get a rolling massager, a make-up sponge, a latex sponge, soft brush and a crude polish head. The multiple brushes offer high utility.

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The rolling massager head provided with the massager offers a great facial massage and it really improves the blood circulation in the face. Apart from this, the scrubbing head is also great to get rid of dead skin on feet. In terms of the power source, the massager uses 2 AA batteries which can last long because of the efficient motor that comes with the massager. Talking about the warranty, the brand offers a national warranty of 1 year on the product which is quite reassuring.

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Nova NFM-2507 Facial Massager

Nova is a popular brand in India and is also known for producing high quality products. This Nova face massager is very compact at the same time, it has a high utility factor due to the fact that it comes with 5 different heads. In terms of price, the face massager is quite affordable and works with 2 AA batteries which can be replaced when needed. It is not necessary to replace the batteries often as it can take a while before discharging.

Speaking of the included heads, the face massager is equipped with a soft sponge that offers gentle facial cleansing and a ball massage head that helps improve blood flow. The third accessory available is the sandpaper head which is not for the face but is for easily rubbing the feet. The fourth accessory included is the soft massage head, known for a relaxing massage and the last accessory is a brush that can offer an exfoliating face scrub.

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PETRICE Facial Massager  

Next product on our list is from Petrice Beauty Care. This is an electric face massager which also comes with 5 massager attachments. This massager has received a lot of positive reviews and if you use it with a facial cream then you will be able to get really good results. Apart from using this as a massager, you can also use it for the application of make up with a lot of ease. The massager is also quite portable so you do not face any issue if you decide to travel along with the massager.

In terms of the attachments, you get a crude polish brush, latex soft sponge, make up sponge, rolling massager and a soft brush. While using the massager, you can start by exfoliating the skin using the brush and then you can switch to the rolling head massager. Once that is done, you can give your eyes a nice massage with the make-up sponge and at last, you can switch to a soft sponge. As a power source, this massager uses 2 AA batteries 

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LLM720  Facial Massager 

If you are looking for a premium face massager that offers you more functionality and also helps you get rid of battery replacement, this can be a good choice. This is the second product of life on the list and has many more features. To begin with, the face massager is very compact and can even work with 2-speed mode settings that give you more control. As mentioned earlier, this massager comes with a rechargeable battery that supports USB charging. All this also makes the face massager waterproof.

Speaking of accessories, you get a deep cleansing brush, a soft fiber brush and a make-up sponge with the face massager. The brand also offers a one-year warranty on this product. The massager can really help you get better skin because the head rotates 300 times per second which means you are able to clean your pores in a very efficient way. Setting the seconds speed allows you to use the massager at 450 vibrations per second. In terms of charging time, it takes 2 hours to fully charge the massager and once fully charged, you can use it for 45 minutes.

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Dr Physio Electric Facial Massager  

Doctor Physio is another popular brand that offers facial massagers in India. The quality of this face massager is really good, but it has a small reward when compared to the other face massagers on the list. The power source for this massager is 4 AA batteries but the massager is also waterproof at the same time. The 360 ​​degree rotation technology really proves to be a hand because it improves the effect of the facial massage and you get clear skin from the first massage onwards.

In terms of accessories, the face massager comes with 4 different accessories. The first accessory is a soft bristle brush that is meant for use on the face. The second is a large brush that can be used to exfoliate the body. The third is the face sponge that helps you get a nice face massage and the fourth accessory is the pumice stone that helps you clean your feet. Doctor Physio also offers a 1 year warranty on the product that protects you from any manufacturing defect.

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VOXMIC  Electric Facial Massager  

Here we have a special type of face massager for you. It is the golden energetic beauty bar of VOXMIC. It is a T-shaped beauty bar that has higher ratings in online stores and with good reviews. It looks like an expensive product from your point of view, but it’s not too expensive. This gold energy beauty bar has an affordable price so everyone can buy it.


If someone wants to improve facial blood circulation and facial skin quality, this will be a fantastic product for you. It offers you great benefits with regards to facial skin. With this gold energy beauty bar, you can get a correct V-shaped face. In addition, with this beauty bar, you can improve skin color, reduce wrinkles and blood circulation.

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HEMIZA Electric Facial Massager 

In the next step, we have a multifunction HEMIZA beauty brush on our list. If you want to buy a beauty care brush that offers good value for money, this multifunction beauty care brush HEMIZA is just for you. For this product, you don’t need to spend too much money because you can buy this beauty treatment brush at an affordable price.

Now let’s talk about the type of service that this product offers you. First of all, this multifunctional skin care brush offers you the possibility to take it or carry it easily wherever you want because this beauty care brush is very light and has a small and compact design. That’s why you can take it with you and you can also keep it in your bag.

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1. What does a face massager do?

A face massager helps to exfoliate the skin to make it younger and fresher. It helps promote blood circulation to relieve stress and eliminate dead cells. This helps keep the skin well hydrated and nourished in order to prevent acne and other skin problems.
2. How often should you use a facial massager?

You should opt for a face every 2-3 weeks, depending on your skin type. This is the duration required by the skin to overcome the entire growth and exfoliation cycle of the skin.
3. Are vibrations good for the skin?

The vibrations help promote blood circulation, which in turn helps tighten the skin. It improves skin collagen and strengthens muscle memory to act as an anti-aging mechanism. This manages to maintain wrinkle-free skin and a youthful appearance.
4. Is it good to use the face massager every day?

Although it is not necessary to use the face massager daily, it can be beneficial for the skin if you have time. This is because stimulating the facial muscles through massage therapy helps to provide them with oxygen.

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This oxygen greatly contributes to making your skin healthy and also helps keep you young. Regularly massaging your face makes you look very young.
5. Does a facial massage help eliminate wrinkles?

Stimulation of blood on the skin through massage helps promote cell growth. These can prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

A good facial massage also acts on its own because it helps to firm the skin and make it very elastic. If you have wrinkles, they are likely to shrink, and if you don’t have wrinkles yet, a regular facial massage can help you not have wrinkles at all.
6. Is it normal to burst with pimples after doing a face massager?

Now, after a facial massage, your face will immediately look fantastic. However, it is quite common for it to cross a bleeding face in which it bursts. The reason behind this is that facials are designed to eliminate the toxins available in the skin and what happens is that they can appear as white spots or pimples.

However, you can prevent this by doing the following;

    Always keep your face clean. Now, whether you have acne or not, you should try cleaning your face at least twice a day, to remove dead skin cells, impurities and any extra oil.
    Make sure to hydrate every day.
    Try using an acne product.
    Don’t use too much makeup.
    See what you use on your hair.

7. Should I squeeze a pimple on my face?

This is very tempting, but we advise you not to.

Popping a pimple does not eliminate it, but rather causes bacteria to become deeper and deeper in the skin. Squeezing can also leave you with scars on your face.
8. Can I put on make-up immediately after a facial massage?

Technically yes, there is no rule against this, but it is advisable to take a break to your face and let it breathe fresh air before deciding to wear makeup.
9. When can I start using a face massager?

Well, this is open for discussion, but, before your 20s your skin has a very high pH, ​​so you don’t have to do anything on your face, but by 20 years old, you must have started exfoliating your face.

Also, from this age, start using some anti-aging creams to help with wrinkles even if they haven’t started showing yet, it’s always good to be safe than sorry.
10. If I don’t do a face massage every day, how should I clean my face?

While you shouldn’t be using the face massager every day, it is recommended to use it at least 2-3 times a week.

When you are not doing your face, you can use one of the following to clean your face.

    Make an apple cleanser if you have dry skin.
    Use honey and lemon if your skin is oily.
    Use a cucumber cleanser if you have normal skin.
    Use white yogurt to cleanse your face.
    Use a papaya-based cleanser.

11. What exactly are the advantages of having a face treatment?

Facials have many benefits that we have outlined above, but some of these include;

    Helps relieve tension:
    Helps get rid of dead skin on the face.
    Eliminates dirt, oil and makeup.
    It makes you look younger.
    It increases blood circulation on the face.
    Acts as an anti-aging agent.


When it comes to your skin, and especially the face, it’s not about “everything is fine”, but rather, “nothing but the best” should be your motto.

With the above products, you are sure of the best quality and products that will make your skin beautiful. This helps improve your mood and increase your self-esteem. Always try to exfoliate your skin at least three times a week for excellent results.

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