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 Disney Frozen 2 SLIME MIXING! Anna, Elsa, and Olaf Slime Frozen 2 Slime Kit for Kids | Disney Frozen Slime – Designerplanet   

 What is Slime?

Slime is a gooey, sticky substance made by mixing a compound called sodium Borate, or Borax, with water. It has a thick, glue-like texture and can be made in a variety of colours.

 The word slime likely comes from the Old English word ‘slim’ which was probably related to the Old English ‘lim’ meaning ‘sticky substance’. Kids, teens and even adults love to make slime at home these days.

 Slime is the perfect indoor activity for Kids . This Frozen Slime is inspired by Elsa from Disney’s Frozen

Frozen 2 Slime DIY Slime Kit Glitter Burst for Girls

 Frozen 2 Set of 3 Creative Water Domes for Girls

Frozen 2 Elsa’s Magic Powers Game for Girl 

  • This line of dolls offers movie-inspired details and a variety of play patterns.

  • Give this set of Disney frozen small dolls as a holiday gift or birthday present.

  • kids ages 3 and up

    Additional Information

    Frozen 2 Slime DIY Slime Kit Glitter Burst for Girls


  • DEVELOP SKILLS: cut, colour, shape and display; kids will love getting
    to grips with these beautiful domes, and will be improving and
    developing their motor skills the whole time.

  • INCLUDES: 6 Colour Your Own Characters, 3 Domes, 3 Markers & Glitter

  • Frozen II is packed full of fun, vibrant, inspirational characters.


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