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Tips for summer fashion are many and more, and the detailing is essential as there is a chance that summer fashion can be funky and colourful, and this is why, it is essential to keep objective and not go crazy and loud with colours and fashion sensibilities! Summer fashion, though funky can be cool and soothing as well. The key is to know when to dress up cool and when to go funky! A balance in both is also feasible at many a time. Tips for summer fashion are to be cool and balanced! A few more tips that can be pin pointed and listed are as shown below:
Summer Fashion

– Drink plenty of fluids and juices to keep fresh and look fresh. Make up will not suffice. It is essential to make a balance of diet and make up for the perfect combo (combination)

– Dress in colours of the sun- orange, shades of orange, velvety purples and more, in materials that are comfortable for summer like cotton, and not linen and silk that will induce heat and make a person sweat or uncomfortable in any way. Colours like oranges and creams, pinks, purples, and more are colours that are summer centric and summer essence filled and this will be wonderful for day time in summer months and it can be in outfits such as shorts, tank tops or spaghetti tops and many more.

– Summer time can have subtle and mixed colours like creams, pinks, burgundy’s and more for the evening wear. Cotton dresses, sandals that are comfortable and short or longish skirts in material that is light and not heavy, like cotton or sometimes when needed to be adorned, material like soft or mixed linen or lycra with cotton combinations will be well suited for the evening time of summer fashion wear or summer ista look! Shoes that are comfortable and preferably sandals or open shoes for the day time are perfect for summer months. Drink liquids, as mentioned in the above to keep cool. Avoid closed shoes like boots as it is not advisable for summer months. Dress light and wear light weight make up and not dress heavy, and definite no-no to heavy make up or foundation and cover-up make up that can get heavy and look like cakey or imbalanced or unflawless make up and this is to be avoided .

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