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Have you seen the latest sherwani shoes with wedding dress? If not, this list is for you. These designer shoes are sure to make you look cool! Read on to know more.

10 Sherwani Shoes That Every Indian Groom Should Own!

A man looks his best when he is confident in his clothes. These shoes serve him well. He takes the time to settle on the perfect sherwani, but often neglects to match the right shoes. That’s why we introduce you to the world of groom shoes for sherwani that go well with all styles. We know that ‘Joota Churai’ keeps your wedding extravaganza shoes on for a few hours, but remember all the photos that need to be taken on the day. All the lights will be on you. Look and find the couple that is a part of you!

1. Matching shoes with sherwani

A well-matched pair of shoes for a wedding ensemble is a blessing especially when they come from ace designers. You can find shoes and clothes in one place. All the embroidery is done, perfectly matched, because the source is the same. Simply put, you have enough time on your hands to find shoes that do justice to your sherwani.

2. Backless Jootis

Backless groom shoes for sherwani are easy to wear and perfect for super humid wedding venues. These are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Backless Jootis can be worn as genuine leather or beautifully embroidered dresses.

3. Brogues

Mix the western trend with your bold Indian wedding glamor and wear zari embellished brogues. These shoes will go well with Churidaar pants and Jodhpur Groom shoes for sherwani also go well with full floral print and Jodhpur pants Groom shoes for sherwani also go well with full flower print! ..

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4. Embroidered bridal shoes for sherwani

For groom who want to wear embellished shoes without looking too flashy, they may choose such embroidered shoes to match the ensemble. They are handmade, look perfect with any type of sherwani, and can be customized to suit your look. You can do floral embroidery on these using the same color or color palette that matches the wedding sherwani.

5. Handcrafted bridal shoes for sherwani

It is a lot of fun to wear handcraft juti which shows the true Indian craftsmanship. Wearing this sherwani juti for the groom will surely bring elegance to your wedding attire. You are sure to get cheers from the crowd and the bride herself.

6.Velvet Juttis for Sherwani 

Look elegant at your wedding when you pair velvet tasselled loafers with your sherwani dress with a Nehru velvet jacket. These loafers are a statement maker in themselves that can be worn for a casual day at work, a casual Sunday brunch and even part of a wedding outfit. Therefore, choosing such shoes means that you can wear them regularly, even after the wedding.

7. Kolhapuris

Originally manufactured in Maharashtra, Kolhapuri sandals are a great choice. The shoes for the sherwani are painted on the area using vegetable dye. Thread embroidery enhances your sherwani. Choose these rustic sandals for a modern look.


Sherwanis are the choice of many grooms. There are so many shoes that they can’t get out. Sherwanis look smart when paired with sandals. Leather sandals are a great pairing.

9.Nagras- shoes for sherwani

Are you looking for groom shoes for sherwani? The only answer to this is Nagras. They are both stylish and simple. The combination of men’s shoes and Sherwani is suitable. They are really going to attract the attention of all the women in the room and take them by surprise.

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10.Winter weddings sherwani loafers

Emerald is considered the royal color of Indian weddings. Adorn this velvet sherwani shoes for the groom and get ready to walk down the aisle with enough confidence.

Bottom Line

Groom shoes for sherwani are very popular these days. We can’t stop loving them and they sure are safe. Send yours to compliment your special day.


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