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Mobile phones are essential for adults. But they are not toys that can be given to small children to play with. So encouraging children by giving them phones or sharing them with them is not a good idea.

Give them the next best option – a walkie talkie! Walkie talkies are devices that allow children to communicate with their friends around them. They are fun to use and not as expensive as mobile phones, which makes them one of the best toys for kids. In this article, giving a walkie talkie to your child is a good decision. It’s a great way to train your little ones adventurist by encouraging them to enjoy outdoor activities.

There are a wide variety of walkie talkies ranging from basic for kids to advanced for tactical teams. Here is a list of must -haves when buying a walkie talkie for kids:

The first and foremost thing is the design of the walkie talkie. The baby should be easy to hold and manage, easy to set up and operate.

Needless to say, you need to choose one of the best Disney Frozen Elsa Anna walkie talkies for kids, we list the best walkie talkies for kids and share buying instructions as well.


Easy push-to-talk button.
Small Compact design.and lightweight.
Easy to use.
Size fits into the kid’s hands.
Child-friendly design
Available in different colors
Disney Frozen Theme



Frozen Elsa Anna Olaf Walkie Talkie Check Price

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S S TRADERS – BATTERY OPERATED FROZEN FEVER STYLE SHAPED WALKIE TALKIE SET TOY FOR KIDS + Free Led Pink Watch – Pink Digital Led Pipe Watch Bracelet – Adjustable Band – SCRATCH-LESS Display for Boys/Girls/Women/Kids/Men-Good gift for any One

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Humaira Frozen Walkie Talkie Toy Battery Operated 2 Player System Interphone for Kids Boys Children with Range Upto 100 Metre (Blue)

Talking Range Maximum     100 metres

About this item

Extendable Antenna: Allows talking distance up to 100 Meter, Superior Antenna Quality for receiving better audio signals & less disturbance during transmission
Superior Antenna Quality for receiving better audio signals & less disturbance during transmission, When you are speaking, always press button on the left side of the walkie talkie
Each walkie talkie requires 3 AA batteries, Use the button on the right to either switch ON or OFF the walkie talkie
When you are speaking, always press button on the left side of the walkie talkie. Good play time for kids (1 Pair)
Walkie talkie works on the simple physics principle, where we are converting audio signals into radio signals via antenna, later other walkie talkie will decode signals of radio into audio signals, then voice is heard. Build quality and antenna quality determines the quality of voice heard in walkie talkie conversations

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Colour     Multi color
Number of Channels     2
Number of Batteries     8 AAA batteries required.
Tuner Technology     UHF

About this item

1.your walkie -talkies have been fully adjusted prior to shipment be sure not touch the internal components other than repiacing battery
2.when the sound becomes weak,it is time to change the battery
3.after use ,always turn the ON/OFF control switch to the “OFF” position
4.take out batteries when walkie-talkie are not in use.
5.keep your set in dry place. not use rechargable battery.
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