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 As a hair stylist my goal is to vision how to design the best possible hair style for my bride. This process begins with analyzing the entire person, using the elements and principles of design with an understanding of how I can enhance my bride’s positive features and minimize negative features. A good designer always visualizes the finished product before beginning a project. As a hair stylist we develop a strong visual understanding of which hair style works best on which face shapes & body types. There are five basic elements of hair design. These are form, space, line, color, and wave pattern.

Every hair style I create for my bride is properly proportioned to body type and correctly balanced to the head & facial features.

The face can be divided into three zones forehead to eyebrows, eyebrows to end of the nose, end of nose to bottom of chin. The most important thing is that we try to create an illusion that each client has the ideal face shape, which is generally recognized as an oval.

Thanks to the modern techniques and hair products and supplies which enable us to create hair design which is most suitable to the bride which make her look beautiful and feel great.

We have wide collections of hair designs, for short hair, medium and long hair, to choose from – to give you your desired dream looks on your wedding day.

Hair Accessories and Headpieces for Weddings and All Occasions


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