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Causes of hair loss:

Hair loss is the most common in people who have a family history of hair loss, genes play a major role in this. Some hormones also lead to hair loss that usually begins during puberty. Other factors such as traumatic events, surgeries and major diseases can also lead to acute hair loss. In such cases, the hair begins to grow on its own after some time. Temporary hair loss can occur due to menopause, sudden cessation of birth control pills, and hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Occasionally, severe medical conditions can lead to hair loss such as a ringworm infection, alopecia alopecia (autoimmune disorder that destroys hair follicles) and thyroid disease. Disturbances such as flat lichen and certain types of lupus can also cause hairs that lead to hair loss. Hair loss can also occur many times using medications used to treat heart problems, depression, arthritis, hypertension and cancer. Emotional or physical trauma can also cause hair loss such as severe fever, severe weight loss and death in the family. Hair clotting disorder (trichotillomania) causes the person to pull his hair deliberately. It is an emotion control disorder that can be treated by treatment. An affected person can pull hair from eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp. Tie our hair very tightly puts great pressure on the hair leading to a break. This is known as traction hair loss. The lower consumption of iron and protein in your diet can also lead to thin hair.

Treatment of hair loss:

It is necessary to visit a dermatologist if you are experiencing a severe hair fall. A dermatologist is likely to prescribe drugs containing corticosteroids and a substance called minoxidil. It is also recommended hair transplant surgery and surgery to reduce the scalp in severe cases.

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Treated by a professional doctor


Laboratory testing is not required

Not contagious


Specially progressive thinning at the top of the scalp is the blurred circular cross spots. Relieve hair hair on the whole body. The scaly spots are spread all over the scalp.