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Lice in children can become nuisance if not quickly noticed by anyone. With frequent itching and irritation, your child will have a hard time relaxing the daily activities at home or at school and in peace. With lots of time outdoors and children with head and lungs, this is a problem of itching. If you see nits on your child’s skull, then that is the last sign. Here you need to know about the natural remedies for head lice.

Why do parents like home remedies for the treatment of child’s head lice?

Although you can go to the doctor and get prescriptions for OTC medicines, with these, the treatment of head lice is usually avoided by many parents because the list of side effects that accompany them. A head lice treatment home remedy is the natural way to treat head lice and maintain the health of the scalp. In addition, if your child has a case of ragweed or chrysalis, you should definitely avoid OTC medicines and prescription drugs to eliminate the head lice.

15 effective home remedies for getting rid of head lice

Here are 15 effective home remedies for lice in infants and children. Try them out, and we are sure your child will be happy.

1. Vinegar

Use distilled vinegar and gently apply it in your child’s hair. Leave it for a while and rub your hair well with plain water. You can also use apple cider vinegar for this treatment. Once you are rinsing to remove dead lice and nits, then we are using coconut oil to comb hair.

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2. Olive oil

Apply apples on your child’s skull until it appears to be saturated. Olive oil does not leave any place to breathe for the lice and their eggs and kills them. After 15-20 minutes, comb the dead lice and apply shampoo to remove excess oil and rinse. Repeat this procedure for some time until you see more lice or red bumps and pay attention to carefully washing your clothes after every session.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is one of the best home remedies for head lice and eggs in children. Just pour tea tree oil and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Spray it on your child’s scalp and cover the head with a towel for a while. Remove the towel and rinse thoroughly. Repeat for best results twice a week. You can put some tea tree oil in your child’s shampoo or naturally mix them in olive oil to take out nits.

4. Garlic

Lice hate garlic, and you can kill them with the same. Just grind 8 or 10 cloves garlic juice in a paste and mix it in lime juice, mix them together and apply the mixture to the skull of your child. Leave it for 30 minutes and rub the scalp with hot water.

5. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly prevents the lice hanging on their tracks and acts as a deterrent. Sample a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the skull of your children and keep it with a towel or shower cap before going to bed at night. When they wake up in the morning, use Baby Oil and a Night Comb to remove nits and remove dead lice.

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6. Hair Dryer

A fast and accurate way to get rid of your baby’s scalp is to use a hairdryer. Be sure to do this outside the house because it prevents the lice from spreading inside the house and avoids this attempt on young toddlers because the hot air is not a good idea for their skulls.

7. Onion juice

Who says that onions are not useful? Make some onion juice at home and leave it on your child’s scalp for approximately 3 to 4 hours. Erase the dead lice and rinse the hair well with nits and shampoo with a knight comb. For best results repeat it every 3-4 days.

8. Mashed Apples

Although very messy but highly effective, you can apply mashed apples on your child’s skull and leave it for a few hours to eliminate lice and nits. The trick is to cover the hair completely with it and wash it well after one hour.

9. Mayonnaise

Next time to save your baby’s lice, save the homemade mayonnaise dash! It comes and loses the lice to death. Apply mayonnaise well on your child’s scalp and leave it with shower cap for the night. Shampoo the next morning and rinse and comb the dead bodies.

10. Coconut oil

Take some coconut oil and put it on your child’s scalp generously. Keep it with a shower cap for two hours and use a knight comb to remove dead lice and eggs. Shampoo and rub the hair with a conditioner and put it again after hair drying. Leave it on the bed with a shower cap before going to bed and keep it overnight. Knight comb again, rinse and dry and repeat this treatment twice a week.

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11. Neem oil

Add a few drops of neem oil to your child’s regular shampoo and rub the hair well during bath. To remove dead lice, use a knight comb and comb to different sections of hair.

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