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Historically, copper was the first element known to man. The Cholcolithic era or the copper age saw man progress with the use of stones to replace it with copper. Ancient societies such as Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Somalia, Incas, Aztec and Indians used copper in various forms, from currency to household products. Ayurvedic texts mention the use of copper containers for drinking water. Copper is the only metal with antibacterial properties, which was shown to be true even during the 19th century, when copper mines were protected from cholera. For centuries, copper has been used to treat a variety of ailments, including cuts, headaches, and even varicose veins. The increase in Ayurvedic use and indigenous medicine has seen an increase in the use of copper products in household items, especially copper cups and cups. We present to you the only metal that has traveled the entire history, without losing its credibility and the 13 incredible healthy benefits of copper containers and bottles.

Benefits of Drinking Water Stored in Copper Bottle and Copper Vessels:

1) Fights off Cancer:
2) Balances Hypertension:
3) Aids the Functioning of Thyroid Gland:
4) Prevents Anemia:
5) Cures Arthritis and Inflamed Joints:
6) Negates Infection:
7) Assists in Digestion:
8) Helps Cardiovascular System:
9) Controls Ageing:
10) Increases Brain Efficiency:
11) Prevents Stroke:
12) Weight Loss:
13) Aids in Healing Wounds Faster:

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