It’s important to know the proper way to apply eyeliner so it enhances your eyes and doesn’t look thick and messy.

Keep eyeliner on the top lid three times thicker than liner on the bottom. And for extra staying power, use waterproof gel liners on the bottom lashline.Choose your eyeliner based on the look you’re after. If you want a softer or smudgy line, use a dark powder shadow or pencil. For the most dramatic effect or when you want a more graphic line, go for gel or liquid’s important to know how to apply it correctly.

What You Need

    dark eye pencil, sharpener, matching eye shadow, shadow brush  

Smudge-Proof Gel Eyeliners

Follow These Steps

    Sharpen eye pencil

    To guarantee a clean application, sharpen your eye pencil every time you use it.

    Tip: Sharpening your eye pencil before each use will help eliminate any accumulated bacteria.

Apply liner as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Start thick at the outer corner of the eye and gradually make the line thinner towards the inner corner of the eye. Always line the entire length of the eye; never line just halfway—this will make eyes look smaller.

If you struggle with eyeliner transferring onto the lid, it’s worth setting down the flick with a little translucent powder. “Let your liquid eyeliner dry, and then set it by patting a translucent powder on top” says James. If you tend to get oily eyelids, the powder will keep the formula from breaking down and prevent it from smudging or transferring.

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Whilst a super-fat liner flick can look kinda cool, it can also be a little heavy on the eyes and make them appear smaller than they actually are.

“First, use a pointed cotton bud (rather than a round one) dipped in some micellar water to remove the excess eyeliner” says James. “When it comes to re-drawing, try to ensure that the inner corner is the finest point of the line, and that it graduates in thickness as you make your way outwards.”

If your liner wing is too short, it can make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. “Line the eyes looking straight forward into a mirror, that way you can see exactly where the wing is going to end” says James. “If your flick is too short it’ll get lost in the socket line, so be sure to extend it past the crease of your eye – this way it’ll elongate the eyes and make them look bigger.”

Finish with the bottom lash

Sweep any color that’s left on your brush onto the lower lid, just below the lashes. Start at the outer corner of the eye and work the shadow inward toward the middle of the eye, stopping a little less than halfway across the lower lash line.