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Angelic makeup looks simple, yet it is very sexy. It can make you look elegant and enchanting. With our easy-to-follow advice you will learn how to apply angelic makeup and create for yourself a fascinating new style.

The way to create a beautiful angelic makeup is very simple. It is especially convenient for the days when you wish to look great without using too much makeup.


As any makeup, the angelic makeup starts with foundation. For better results, use foundation a tone lighter than your natural complexion. For the original angelic look, your skin has to appear paler than it is. Foundation has to be applied perfectly even and smooth.

Cover imperfections

Choose concealer as close as possible to your natural skin color and apply it to the skin around the eyes, covering any pimples and red spots on the face. Don’t go overboard with the concealer. A thick layer of it may clog your pores, facilitate the formation of wrinkles and give you a fake look.

For a longer lasting makeup

Apply semi-transparent powder to the whole face. This will give your face a matted look and make your makeup more durable.


When doing angelic makeup, pink cheeks are a must. Use a large brush to apply pink or peach blush to the cheekbones. This will give your face a healthy, youthful look.


Apply eye-shadows along the bottom of the lid all the way to the outer corner. Use light colors. You can mix pastel nuances with white eye-shadows. For a more feminine look, add a thin line of your favorite black pencil eyeliner to the upper lid. You may also want to apply white pencil eyeliner to the lower lid. If you wish for a more gentle angelic appearance, use mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

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Juicy lips

As a finishing touch apply pink lip gloss over lipstick in a darker shade of pink.

You have now created a beautiful angelic makeup and have every right to feel as though you’ve just descended from heaven.