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How to remove Pimples at home

Pimples are small pustules or papules, skin lesions, inflammations of the skin, also known as zits or spots. They are a form or type of acne (a skin condition characterized by comedones – blackheads and whiteheads, nodules, cysts, scaly red skin etc.)

Many people have pimples and they constantly irritate them. But there are some simple home remedies you can use to remove them overnight or a day or two. These tips will help you have beautiful skin again.

Pimples are common skin problem not only with teenagers but with adults also.

Causes for Pimples/Acne:

Pimples/Acne can result from different causes:

    Excess secretion of sebum
    Unclean skin and poor hygiene leading to bacterial infections
    Clogging up of the pores of the skin from trapped oil, pollution, dirt and dust
    Pore-clogging (“comedogenic”) skin, cosmetics and makeup products
    Accumulation of dead skin cells and grime buildup
    Unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits
    Overloading the body with junk food
    Not drinking enough water

 1. The first thing you that you should do before you sleep at night is to wash your face.

Once you are done washing it, slowly pat it dry. Be sure not to scratch your face too hard because the skin on your face is very sensitive. If your face is now completely dry, get some plain white toothpaste and place a small amount on your pimples and let it stay overnight.

 When you wake up the next day that is the time for you to wash it off.

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 2. Another effective method of removing the pimples on your face is by applying fresh lemon juice to them.

 It is highly suggested that you do this before you tuck yourself to bed each night. This is to give the treatment some time to dry those pimples.

3.Have you ever heard of the good effects of lavender oil? This is one of the pimple remedies that you shouldn’t miss out.

4.Clear the pimple by dabbing aloe vera juice on it twice a day. You can also cleanse the skin with the mixture of baking soda and warm water.

6.Get an egg and remove the egg yolk. Apply the egg white to infected areas and leave it there until morning comes.

Natural Remedies:


Aloe Vera

Ice cubes




If after trying all these methods and none of them worked, set an appointment with your dermatologist and seek professional help.