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Easy ways to keep your lips looking fresh and moisturized

Exfoliate your lips.

Dip a plain toothbrush in petroleum jelly or Vaseline, then use it brush all the dead skin off your lips. Alternatively, mix a tablespoon of honey with enough sugar until you get a body-scrub-like texture, the scrub it across your lips with a toothbrush. Exfoliating will leave them smoother and make them look healthier.

Try coconut scrub on your lips for 5 minutes. This will reduce the amount of dead skin cells and blockage.

Avoid licking your lips.

Breathe through your nose.

Throw away cheap, smelly, flavored chapsticks.

Always carry a moisturizing lip balm or lipstick with you.

Keep smiling and do it as often as possible. It makes you look attractive and positive.

Apply a layer of lip balm before you step out of the house. Elle 18 has 6 yummy shades to choose from. A lip balm is a must in your bag to moisturise as often as required.

Drink alot of water throughout the day. Water hydrates the entire body and the skin feels lively and fresh. Carry a bottle with you on the go.

Begin your day with with a glass of warm water with one squeezed out lemon juice. Super for skin, super for lips.

Avoid eating salty foods that leave a buildup on your lips.

Cover your face in windy or cold weather.

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