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Even if the children’s clothes are small and cute for your child to wear, they are a nightmare to arrange on a small hanger and have to end up on the floor. And unlike other rooms throughout the house, children’s rooms are often smaller. You need to maximize each square inch and design vertically. So it can be very difficult to organize tiny shoes, socks, clothes, and more.


A wardrobe with sliding doors is great for children. Besides saving space, they are easy to open and close. But the clothes tend to come out when the door is opened. Therefore, it is best to put several storage boxes at the bottom and a rail at the top to hang clothes.

A mirrored room makes the room look bigger. In addition, children like to see their imagination when choosing clothes. Finally, maintaining a glass cabinet is very simple, if you incorporate space-saving storage ideas.

Hinged wardrobes are perfect for large rooms and are especially easy to organize in children’s rooms. You get a comprehensive view of the space when you open the door for effortless organization. In addition, you can use the inside of the door by placing hooks to hang things like belts, belts, and ties.

Custom wardrobes allow you to create the type of storage space you need. When installing cabinets designed specifically for children, choose one that will be easy to organize into sections.

Each section should be accessible to children with minimal disruption to others.



When everything is out of the wardrobe, start separating them into different piles. It’s easier if you check several boxes and start collecting the items.

Use the order below: Daily Wear: These are the clothes they wear every day. Ditch the current season’s clothes for something more seasonal.

Too Big: These clothes are now too big for babies. They should go to the back of the wardrobe until they are done properly.

School Uniforms: Separate school uniforms from other clothes for easy access.

Donation clothes: Small clothes or items that children no longer need go in this pile.

If you have younger children, move the items to the wardrobe. If not, put them in a box to give to your community center or needy family.

Check out some of the simple tips that will keep your wardrobe neat and tidy at all times.

This will make you happy, your clothes will be clean and your children will be happy:

1. Remove everything and try again

You may have organized your children’s clothes recently; maybe a day ago, but if it’s not sorted in just a minute, you’re back to square one. Rescheduling can benefit you throughout the day (depending on how many kids you have, what clothes they have and how many daycares you have to reschedule) so you can send your kids on a play date or maybe get someone one. helping you. The first step is to remove everything from the cabinet. You have to do the arrangement differently; so start from scratch.


Take all the clothes and tops and put them in the hanger. Bring colorful bags, sticky notes and colored pens. If you have a pantry, dedicate it to your entire wardrobe. If you have more than one child, you can split the gap between them. These colored baskets and sticky notes will help identify where the items are.


If you haven’t organized your clothes in a while, but you just folded them and put them on the shelf when you got back from the laundry, now is the time to do it. Get rid of any clothes you have outgrown or don’t wear anymore. Remove all accessories that belong to the discarded clothing as well. If there are “grown-up clothes” that aren’t damaged, sort them and put them in a box so you can donate them. If your child has a younger sibling, you can save it for them. But don’t leave it in the cupboard for now, it will just take up space. Label the boxes carefully such as “clothes to store” and “clothes to donate” so you know what’s in them when you’re done organizing.


If you have a lot of drawers in your closet, you can dedicate one to socks, one to underwear, one to for jewelry and so on. Once you’ve sorted them all out, put a sticky note on them for quick identification. For younger children, you can write in big letters or paste pictures or put labels.


Of course, your child will dress according to the season. So arrange the clothes in such a way that he doesn’t have to worry about the summer clothes before he wears the winter clothes. Organize the nursery according to the season so that it is easier for her to choose clothes, and she becomes self-reliant. Also give her advice on clothes for summer.


If you don’t have enough space in the kids’ bedroom to store their toys, you can store them in the closet. Once you organize and organize their clothes, everything will be in order and you can devote yourself to plastic boxes to store the dolls and doll accessories, video games and so on. Place them at the bottom of the wardrobe, so they never move around. You can teach your child to put down one toy before he starts playing with another toy. It will also bring peace to their bedroom.


These days you can buy furniture for your child’s room. But if you don’t want to invest in children’s clothes, do it in their bedroom now. If the closet rod is tall enough for your child to reach, you can lower the rod, or add a hanging clothes rack. Charcoal hangers are also ideal for storing underwear and pajamas. Keep the top part of the wardrobe reserved for the things they don’t use often. Organize your wardrobe in such a way that your everyday clothes (complete with tank tops, cardigans, skirts and jeans) will fit your arms.

Bottom Line 

Hopefully, the above tips will help you clean up the mess in your child’s room. These simple but smart ideas will help you organize clothes on traditional, glass, hinged, or sliding curtains.