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Always Stay Beautiful!!!!!

Girls are always concern about their looks. Before going outside they will see themselves atleast 100 times in a mirror. But some girls plaster their pretty faces with makeup, in the desire of looking more attractive and beautiful.There is no harm in putting a little makeup on special occasions. But overdoing it may harm your skin in long run. You can look beautiful without makeup also. And if you look beautiful you will feel more confident. Here are tips:

Use make up to enhance your natural beauty, not to cover up what you already have:

Use a facial moisturiser which works with your skin type. If you feel that your skin needs a bit of coverage, don’t reach for foundation, try and find a good tinted moisturiser which will help to even out your skin tone and make you more radiant, without clogging up your pores or painting over your real skin colour.

Lipstick and lip gloss look very fake, but if you do want some colour then try dabbing a small amount of lipstick in a natural shade onto your lips, and then fixing it with some lip balm to make your lips look moist.

To add a bit of colour to your cheeks, use a light dusting of blush on the apples of your cheeks (the bits that pop up when you smile)], to find the right colour, pinch your cheeks gently and look for the colour which they turn. In summer it may be more appropriate to go for a light bronzing powder in the shade of your natural tan instead of blush.

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Shiny hairs: Good and healthy hairs add double charm in your beauty. So if you are losing softness of your hairs then apply egg for good results. Remember artificial hair product will not help. You have to try a good home remedy for healthy hairs.

Develop your own personal operating system. Carve out and define your own reality, philosophy, values, and interests rather than automatically  accepting those of your family, peers, religion, or culture.

Cute smile: A pleasant smile and cute smile can easily impress anyone around you. So keep your teeth clean. A bad breath is a big turn off. Eat more calcium rich food in your diet for healthy teeth.

Dress smartly: Don’t just blindly follow new fashion trend. Wear clothes that suit your personality. I saw many girls wearing just anything and look crap or you can say fashion disaster.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Get some form of exercise daily. Eat healthy foods that support your body, not your emotions. Do this because you respect yourself, not to impress others.

You are beautiful: Every girl is beautiful. Yes, you are beautiful as you are. These are just little improvement tips. So stay beautiful.

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