Sari is considered the most traditional Indian attire. If worn with style and pride, it gives a pretty beautiful look to the whole look. It should be noted that women in royal families are often seen with gauze saris as a symbol of pride, honor and respect. saree&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=e0cef16e44c8230b1b1a2ac016c92513

There are several collections of Chiffon Saree that can be easily explored. Not only these can be used for everyday use, but also for the formal ones that can be easily used for sophisticated office use.

There are several women who have boasted of their love for this piece of Indian clothing. Indian markets are overcrowded with thousands of available prints that women can easily buy their latest favorite collection.

One can easily find Leheriya, gauze saris printed in Bandhani, ties or dye prints, as well as other saris of artistic designers.

Tips to wear Chiffon Saree :

1.  Depending on your height, choose a chiffon sari with floral print. For those with low height, choose smaller prints. The tall ones can wear the bold floral prints.

2.    There should be no ornaments such as embroidery or sequins in the sari.

3.   The color of the brocade edge should be lighter than the body of the sari, in silver or gold with a pattern that reflects the color of the sari.

4.   When working with printed chiffon saris, choose a finer print instead of a bold design so that the pattern does not compete with the edge to attract full attention.

5. You can also add a smooth edge in little contrast to the sari color.

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6.  Do not fold multiple folds or use gauze, as a single fold elevates the appearance of sari.

7.    A high-cut princess blouse would be the best to wear when looking for the simple fold    WITHOUT pronounced necklines either on the front or on the back!

8.   Jewelry should be minimal and the sari looks better when worn during the day.

The glory of this fabric is known worldwide due to its easy handling and versatility. With these simple tips, wear your chiffon sari with pride, ease and comfort.

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