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Jeans for Baby, Toddler & Kid

Denims as a fashion are just not restricted to adults. There is a whole range in denims made for winter wear for children. Chic, elegant, casual and yet trendy the styles for kids denim wear is full of choices.  Kid’s apparel is however much about frills, drama and a lot of accessorization. Many big labels use denim as a fabric to mix along with the main lines so that there is a comfortable feel to the collection.

Going from cute to serious jackets, the denim can be explored in shades of blue and goes to grey and black. The best lines in denims are about cuts which includes the gent’s collection. The buttons are usually big and makes a statement. For girls there are these cute frock styles which are laced with white lace or other fabric that makes the swirl adorable. Matching head bands, belts and caps seems perfect to complete the attire.

The size in branded products goes from small to double XL. This helps the buyers to try various varieties that come new in the store each time. Denim pants are a must have in the collection of a child’s wardrobe. The style is also seen in semi grunge pattern with low waist pants aided with a dependable belt. The pinafore style for the girl is perfectly worn with a yellow or red short sleeved skirt. For winter collection the dungaree denim collection is the right choice.

Screen prints and embossing is another embellishment form of denim. Here in the ethnic style one can also see appliqué work with kundan or sequin fixes and also bead works are quite popular. Embroidery in the back pockets in denim pants has been very much common these days and people also prefer some art motif on the collars or the front of thedenim jacket.

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The button down jacket with its bold prints seems perfect for the boy’s collection which is replicated with pink or cartoon appliqué work in the girls collection. Match the same with booties or shoes to almost create your own style for the little ones.