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What should you do before you buy?

• Decide on what type of formula would be best for you by questioning yourself  what benefits you want from your lipstick, then search the information about the types of lipstick you want in the cosmetics brands’ websites to check the colors available in the desire types.

• Find the color you love and choose the color which might matches with your mouth or look best on your face. You can read the tips of shades and colors in this websites.

• If there are testers, try and taste the color on your skin before you decide to buy it in order to see hoe it interacts with your skin. Actually, dark or unappealing lipsticks in the tubes might become flattering lipsticks on your lips.  lasting&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=18fb0a0491b6eaa6a4b6b1d0b7503626

How to apply lipstick?• To outline your natural lip line, apply your lip liner first.Remember that liner should be the same color or a shade slightly lighter than your main lip color.

• Then, apply your lip color by using lip brush to keep your lipstick stay longer.

• Next, absorb excess color on your lips with a tissue and if you want to look more attractive, dress up your lips with gloss.

• Don’t forget to use the mirror everytime to prevent the stain and make sure that your lips are well applied.

• For a full-looking mouth, wear lipstick, then daub with a little bit of lightweight concealer on the middle of lips, mixing it outward.

• If you want your lips look smaller, try a few things; highlight other areas of your face, utilize a neutral lipstick color which looks natural, don’t line your lips, and remove the excessive color so there is just a small amount of lipstick left.

• If you purchased lipstick that looked perfect at the time but turned out to be too bright, combine some vaseline or some clear gloss with a little foundation and apply it over the lipstick to soften the color.

• To keep your lipstick off your teeth, after applying and blotting your lipstick, hold your finger in your mouth, purse your lips around your finger, and slide finger out of mouth between lips. This help to delete lipstick that would stain your teeth.

How can you have kissable, charming and luscious lips?

• Always use the Liner because it offers a precise shape of mouths and makes you look graceful and elegant.

• Apply Foundation to your Lips as a thin coat of foundation on your lips will enhance your lip color’s long lasting power.

• Apply a light layer of chapstick before use your lip color to enhance its staying power. Moreover, it help to moisturize and protect your lips from the sun.

• Avoid Orange and Brown Lip Color Shades since they can make teeth look yellow.

• Apply lip Color slightly Outside of your normal lip for plumper lips and natural looking.

• Absorb your lips with a tissue after applying, lightly dust with pressed powder and reapply for lasting lip color.

• Keep Lip Color in the Refrigerator to maintain your color last longer.

“Just have Fun. Smile. And keep putting on Lipstick