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You cannot hold back age but you can certainly do something to keep your skin and hair in good shape which makes you look younger than you are.

As we grow up we tend to lose the plumpness of the lips so that by the time we are in our fifties our lips start thinning out.

This can be prevented by the use of a proper lip balm when we go out in the sun. Sun rays affect the skin on our lips to a large extent. It is always nice to use some natural ingredients on the beautiful lips. You could use some butter fresh from warmed up milk and some sugar on the lips.

Sugar exfoliates the skin on the lips by taking the dry skin away. You can also use some lemon as a scrub on the lips. Next use some natural moisturizer.

This is a good way you can do up your lips to make them look plump and full. Use some eye shadow powder that is pink, light brown or natural. You can use some lip liner to paint the outline.

Follow the curve of the lips and then apply some eye shadow with a lipstick brush. You can then use some gloss to cover the lips. The lips would look plump and full undoubtedly.

Many of us aspire to have lips like Angelina Jolie’s but after a lip job many of us end up have lips like MJ’s. Lip jobs just don’t work for many. Either the lips get too full or too stretched.

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Long Lasting Lip Color & Lip Makeup

It is best that we try top achieve the pout naturally. Full lips make your face appear sexier and vibrant. You need not paint your lips too red if you have full lips. You could paint them a pink shade or a brown to give them the soft and subdued natural look.

You can always go in for a permanent option of plumping your lips but natural options and achieving the plumpness through make up is also possible.

Flaunt your lips and full lips look best when they frame a smile within. Here is a tip. Look at the mirror and try to smile the best way so that your lips look healthy and attractive. Flash that smile and be confident.

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