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Eyes that are bigger usually appear to make you look younger and awake.Bold eye makeup can work wonders, drawing more attention to your eyes and enhancing your look — but too much makeup can actually make your eyes look smaller. They’re easy mistakes to make, but the wrong shade of eye shadow, too much liner, and neglecting to highlight the area under your brows are all little slipups that will work against you. Maintain that doe-eyed look and freshen up your appearance with a few tricks that will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful!

Eyebrow shape :

The brows make all the difference. Take a trip to the salon at frequent intervals, and keep the brows in good shape.

Apply lighter eye shadows:

If you have small eyes, the most important makeup tip you must follow is to forgo dark shades and stick to lighter and brighter eye shadows. That being said, the standard makeup application of 1/3rd lighter shade in the inner corners and 2/3rds darker shades on the entire lid will not apply to you.

Conceal dark circles:

Dark circles can actually make your eyes appear smaller, so apply under eye concealer to neutralize imperfections including dark spots, discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

Use Eyeliner to Make Tight Lines

Eyeliner is great for enhancing the eyes, but a very thick line on the upper lid can make your eyes look smaller. Try using an eyeliner pen (instead of a pencil) to accentuate your eyes with minimal makeup. Practice makes perfect, so take some time to learn the art of drawing a tight line close to the lashes in one sweep.

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Tip: Want a bolder look? Draw a very thick line at the outer edges of your eye and angle it in as you approach your inner eye. This works well with the smoky look and will make your eyes really stand out.

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