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  • 329.00

    Offering optimum response and feel
    Rubber outer shell. Rubber moulded
    Ensures good performance

  • 449.00

    PERFECT SIZE:- 6 feet Long & 2 feet wide ( 183 cm X 61 cm ) ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. With high density foam material, the Thick ( 4 mm thick ) premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors. This makes is it the perfect size for both men & women.
    ANTI SLIP MAT – With double sided non-slip surfaces, Brand Villa all-purpose premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries.
    DURABLE:- Exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style.

  • 2,149.00

    Lightweight design, portable and easy to assemble.
    Ideal for family entertainment and all ages of users.
    Versatile for both legs and arms exercises.

  • 799.00

    Girls Swimwear One Piece
    Versatile- girls’ splashback swimsuit ideal for training, lessons, holiday fun and races
    Endurance 10 fabric – our durable fabric is engineered to fit like new for longer Now with new Creora Highclo for improved chlorine resistance

  • 1,599.00

    PREMIUM SWEAT SLIM BELT – Each Spike sweat slim belt is designed with superior craftsmanship to increase body temperature in the abdominal area, which helps in fat loss, weight loss, tummy trimming Exercise and the improved burning of calories during exercise.
    ENHANCED WEIGHT LOSS WRAP- Increased body heat helps to trim your belly fat and removing excess sweat water weight during exercise while the lightweight material prevents heat loss. Designed for Weight loss fitness alongside your collection of workout equipment.
    MOISTURE REPELLING NEOPRENE MATERIAL – Special ANTI SLIP flex design to repel moisture and stress ensuring the prevention of bacteria build up and eliminating unwanted odors common with lower quality variations.

  • 250.00

    In-Box Contents: 1 Piece Neoprene and Lycra Gym Gloves
    Gloves palm is made with neoprene
    Back hand is made with lycra

  • 985.00

    20 kg filled pvc plates (3 kg x 4 pcs, 2 kg x 4 pcs)
    5 ft plain rod with locks, 3 ft curl rod with locks
    Pair dumbbell rod, pair hand grip, pair hand gloves, pieces skipping rope

  • 1,199.00

    【ADVANCED MATERIALS】 IBS flat bench works well both in home gym and commercial use. The main frame is made of a thickened layer pad and the heavy-duty steel. The leather board is filled with high-density foam which offers comfortable exercise and the steel tube makes this weight bench sturdy support for the toughest workouts.
    【SYURDY CONSTRUCTION】200KG weight capacity home gym bench has solid mechanics design. The wide base enlarges the bearing capacity area and the base cap is anti-skid to prevent any movement during the exercise. It is incredible stability to promise true safety and avoid any wobble for every customer.
    【FULL-BODY EXERCISE】IBS offers a highly effective utility exercise bench. It gives you a spot to take the different exercises for the full body such as dumbbell press, lift, and row, sit up, crunches, concentration curls, reverse flies and more. Then the user can increase target specific muscle strength in the chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abs.

  • 199.00

    Stand & Urinate – No More Dirty Toilets
    No More Uti’s
    Specially Designed Female Urination Device

  • 899.10

    Female Swimwear One Piece
    Iconic Racerback Design Aids Shoulder Movement And Offers Increased Back Coverage
    Endurance10 Fabric – Our Durable Fabric Is Engineered To Fit Like New For Longer Now With New Creora HighcloFor Improved Chlorine Resistance

  • 1,399.00

    SAUNA FOR YOUR WAIST | WEIGHT LOSS – Soft Neoprene with Excellent Heat Retention, Increases your Core Temperature During Exercise. FitPick Fat burner/ reducer helps you Lose Weight by Producing Healthy Sweat Around Stomach.
    LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – Adjustable Stretchy & Durable, High Quality 100% Latex-Free Neoprene, Finest Neoprene Fabric Helps in Hot Thermal Therapy, Soft tissue support with Non-Slip Inner Layer.
    PREVENT AND RELIVES – Cushions, Compresses, and Therapeutically Heats Sore muscles to Increase Muscle stability and Rapid recovery, ideal for Exercise or everyday support.

  • 1,999.00

    Female Swimwear Swimdress
    Iconic Racerback Design Aids Shoulder Movement And Offers Increased Back Coverage
    Swimdress Style Offers An Optimum Balance Of Style, Comfort And Modesty Than A Standard Suit

  • 1,499.00

    Grip Size : G4 (3.25 Inches)| Weight : 5U (75-79.9 grams)
    Color : Black | Head Shape : Isometric
    String Level : 30 pounds | Strung Type : Strung

  • 1,699.00

    20 kg of PVC weight (2 kg x 4 = 8kg + 3 kg x 4 = 12 kg)
    1 x 5 feet plain rod + 1 x 3 feet curl rod + 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods
    100 percent pure leather gym gloves + 1 gym backpack + 1 skipping rope + 1 hand gripper + 4 locks and clippers comes with the rods

  • 990.00

    Filters up to 1000 liters (264 gallons) of water
    Removes 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria
    Reduces turbidity, filtering down to 0.2 microns

  • 1,605.00

    This swimming costume for women Provides a body-hugging fit, great shape retention and soft comfort, spandex lining inside for soft and better comfort
    Removable bra pad – for enhanced comfort and confidence
    Swim dress style offers an optimum balance of style, comfort and modesty than a standard suit

  • 399.00

    Sweat and Lean Belt Helps in weight loss also Helps in burning tummy fat. Premium Quality Tummy Trimmer hot Body Shaper Slim Belt
    Lose Weight , Helps To Eliminate Water , Fat And Cellulite, Burn Calories While You Exercise
    It gives awesome back backing alsoYou get the bends, lifts, tucks and pressure at all the right places

  • 499.00

    Official Leicester City Football Club Licensed Product.
    Size Approx: 2 Inches Tall
    Hand Painted & High Quality, With Collectors Card

  • 494.00

    Compatibility: Requires Android 4.3 or above, iOS 7.1 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 or above, download APP “Veryfit 2.0” from iOS Store or Google Play
    It has features such as calling function which enables you receive a call and disconnect it, you can and receive messages through it but only supported to Android Phones for which you need to download app
    Battery Capacity: 70 mAh , Water proof Smart fitness Band with Bluetooth or Heart Rate sensor, Activity Records, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Burned, Rejected Calling, Alarm, Blood Pressure, Message, USB Charging Supports smartphones, Tablets and PC’s and also support Android and IOS

  • 1,349.00

    Weight Details: (2 Kg x 4 Plates = 8 Kg & 3 Kg x 4 Plates =12 Kg)= 20 Kg Plates
    Accessories Details: One 3 Feet Rod, Two Dumbbell Rod, One Pair Gym Gloves, One Skipping Rope, One hand grip, One gym Bag
    Ideal For Unisex

  • 650.00

    Oxy99 Pure Oxygen Is A Lightweight Portable Can Developed By Ing. L. & A. Boschi Of Italy (Since 1930).
    Oxygen For Personal Use Comes Packaged In A 500 Ml Oxy99 Can Comprising Of 6 Liters Of Oxygen. Now The World Has Got Easy Access To Pure Natural Oxygen.
    Oxy99 Can Fitted With Ergonomically Built-In Mask And Trigger System For Easy Inhalation.

  • 990.00

    Pre-caution: It is a 2 way stretch polyester fabric with bike (side – way) it has very low stretch ability
    Fabric: Polyester economy quality with a tight fit
    Style: 1 piece women swim wear – frock [full sleeves- full length]

  • 890.00

    MAKES YOUR WEIGHT LOSS MORE EFFICIENT – Start seeing drastic changes in your entire midsection, therapeutic heat tech removes excess water weight and increases muscle productivity
    IMPROVE POSTURE WHILE YOU WORKOUT – Posture corrector provides support the lower back and abdominal muscles, building a strong core that offers better balance and posture
    BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – 100% high quality latex-free neoprene for thermal therapy & soft tissue support with non-slip inner layer to prevent slipping during exercise

  • 2,299.00

    0.95 Inch (2.41 cms) AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen: Adjustable screen brightness, dynamic and vivid display; home button control, Belt clip design makes band firmly attached to your wrist
    Scientific Sleep Monitoring: TruSleep allows sleep status recognition, collection and analyzing data
    SpO2 Monitor for Everyone: HONOR Band 5’s SpO2 Monitor tracks oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream so you can assess how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes

  • 430.00

    Nylon Shuttlecock
    Keep tube upright with cork facing down
    Store away from high temperatures

  • 699.00

    The height of the hook High Quality Thickened Foam Soft and Comfortable, no Harm to the foot Design (Increase the softness and comfort of the foam), suitable for different groups of people. Sit-up main exercise abdominal muscles, Brace exercise the buttocks and shoulders, Push-up exercise the chest and arm muscles, Back exercise Main exercise the waist and back muscles, Leg Lifting exercise the thighs and abdomen
    Perfect Home Fitness Device- High Density Fitness Foam Kneepad is included for comfort workout at home. Strengthens and Tones your entire body by hitting your Abs, Core, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back & Lower Back.
    Convenient for doing sit-ups everyday, especially for busy people who don’t have so much time doing exercise. It can be used to train the Abdomen, slip the waist and reduce the abdominal fat when you have the abdominal workout

  • 2,100.00

    This swimming costume for women is exclusively imported collection
    Material: Made from four-way-stretch, chlorine resistant fabric
    Provides a body-hugging fit, great shape retention and soft comfort, spandex lining inside for soft and better comfort

  • 249.00

    Made of a flexible and elastic neoprene material the waist belt flexes and expands to give you continuous compression and great lumbar support and does not restrict or hinder movement.
    Promotes focused heat build-up, increased blood flow and heat retention in your focused core waist region during exercise, workout or your daily chores.
    This heat generation in your core area promotes weight loss by increased sweating and water weight loss during exercise and workout routines.

  • 625.00

    The scientific design and compression help you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy and love handles leading to a more molded figure and visually trim weight. It is perfect for exercise, to be used day to day, or for any physical activity. Its unique fibers and material produce higher compression in the abdomen and waist resulting in more sweating.
    Maximizes fitness routines, slim waist tummy and tights Increase your core body temperature Improve your overall well-being.
    The inner layers increase body temperature and sweat while its outer layer is super absorbent, so that you sweat on the inside and stay dry on the outside.

  • 2,299.00

    The Mi Smart Band 4 features a 39.9% larger (than Mi Band 3) AMOLED color full-touch display with adjustable brightness, so everything is clear as can be
    With music control on the band you can change the song, increase/decrease the volume and groove on without even touching your phone
    With a sturdy 5ATM waterproof built, you can now take your band for a swim. It auto detects your swim style and captures 12 detailed data points for tracking

  • 699.00

    Pack of 6 shuttles
    Material: Nylon
    When smashed, a Mavis shuttlecock recovers in only 0.02 seconds, this performance is just 0.005 seconds slower than a Yonex feather shuttlecock and 0.008 seconds faster than the recovery of an ordinary shuttlecock

  • 449.00

    Tummy Trimmer & Hand Gripper in One: The ab exerciser targets specific muscles of your body to build your fitness. Rowing movements of this exerciser trims and tones your abdominal muscles and strengthens your arms, legs, hips and thighs. It burns extra calories, melts away your abdominal fat around your waist to give you a flat and firm stomach. The exerciser also functions as a hand gripper. Grip the inner handle and pull. It exercises your arms, wrists, fingers, forearms simultaneously
    Heavy Duty Steel Springs: Heavy duty carbon steel springs create resistance and builds your muscles. The long springs build resistance to build your upper and lower body muscles. The shorter hand gripper springs build resistance to develop hand, wrist and forearms.
    Adjustable to different fitness levels: The ab exerciser can be adjusted to varying fitness and resistance levels. The steel springs can be removed or added back to adjust the resistance