Handbook of Poultry Production and Management (POD)

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Table of Contents Introduction and Development of Poultry Industry in India Popular Breeds of Poultry Breeding of Poultry Poultry Eggs Managing Incubation, Hatching and Brooding Poultry Housing Systems Poultry House and Layout Plans Poultry Equipments Care and Management of Poultry Feeds and Feeding of Poultry Managing Quality of Poultry Feeds and Feeding Managing Poultry Shows and Judging Disinfection and Disposal of Waste in Poultry Economics and Cost of Poultry Production Managing Health of Poultry (Disease Control) Concepts of Skilled Management of Poultry Poultry Farm Records and Project Reports Quail Farming Rearing of Ducks Raising of Turkeys Backyard/Rural Poultry Production Parent Breeder Management Transgenesis in Poultry/Chicken Rearing of Ostrich and Emu Glossary Index


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