The Indian Saree- Age old, part of India’s history and culture, the oldest dress form for women in this country.

The Indian Saree does the best portrayal of the desi-indian-girl. An Indian saree has come back with a bang and a boom to the fashion circuit. Shows on ethnicity and designers like Ritu Kumar have embodied the concepts of style and tradition by creating versions of the Indian Saree. A Sabyasachi saree is different and has a unique quotient to it, while a Satya Paul Saree would be colour-centric and pleasing to the eye that favours colour. Meanwhile you have not so high-end stores selling their special versions of the Indian Saree making it feasible to choose from various options and looks. From looking elegant, to looking hot, to looking basic, to looking stylish, there is a saree for your every requirement for every look

When Priyanka Chopra Wore the gorgeous Saree in the song Desi-girl from Dostana, it looked sizzling on screen. It literally created a bigger stir than her swimsuit scene of the film. This goes to show that the Indian Saree concept is not drab, and it’s not overtly traditional any longer either. It has taken a turn and today, the saree is embodied internationally as well. And this is a proud moment for India for having come a long way from having seven yard sarees as the only choice to today, having seventy inch long sarees as well! So, leaving the long and short of it to your style sensibility, here’s a desi-namaste until next time!

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