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The Best Baby Sun Hats That Will Actually Stay on Those Precious Heads . Designerplanet
Best Sun Hats for Kids

Benefits of Sun Hats for Babies Sun protection is important for babies because their skin is fragile and easily damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. The most effective way to protect children from the sun is by providing coverage from head to toe, including sunscreen and sun hats rated UPF 50+.



Here are some of the best benefits of a sun hat for babies:

Shade their head, neck and face. Prevent the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your baby’s sensitive skin. It reduces your child’s risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Protect your child’s eyes from the sun. Protect your baby from overheating and heat stroke

It’s time to make sure your kids are covered and learn to wear a hat regularly (easier said than done, I know!) We’ve rounded up the best sun hats for kids. There are TONS of options out there – we’ve only included the ones we really like and recommend.

Bucket Hat and Sports Hat/ Cap for Kids.

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