Steps to do a hair spa at home Faith in the healing powers of mineral water dates back to many centuries. The word “spa” has its roots in Roman and ancient Greek civilizations, which basically means the existence of a healing bath in mineral-rich spring waters. Hairdressing services are not limited to massage pampering. It […]

Brazilian Manicures are The Messiest Way to Paint Your Nails More often than not, at-home manicures mean ending up with nail polish everywhere but on your actual nails. We usually consider this a polish fail but if you’re getting a Brazilian manicure, a messy paint job is actually the sign of a manicure done well. […]

Always Stay Beautiful!!!!! Girls are always concern about their looks. Before going outside they will see themselves atleast 100 times in a mirror. But some girls plaster their pretty faces with makeup, in the desire of looking more attractive and beautiful.There is no harm in putting a little makeup on special occasions. But overdoing it […]