White Henna is white in color with metallic or glitter accents on it.  The white color unlike henna leaves is achieved with white body paint, white glitter and adhesive. The whole white henna look can also be achieved with white or metallic temporary tattoos. Intricate beautiful patterns are designed  from acrylic or craft paint. White […]

The way you wear your hair can affect the appearance of your features. Your personal style will always be a factor in the hairstyles you choose. The right hairstyle makes the most of your best qualities. Long styles work with any hair type – straight, wavy, or curly – but looks best if locks are […]

It’s important to know the proper way to apply eyeliner so it enhances your eyes and doesn’t look thick and messy. Keep eyeliner on the top lid three times thicker than liner on the bottom. And for extra staying power, use waterproof gel liners on the bottom lashline.Choose your eyeliner based on the look you’re […]

Here are simple  tips that will make you look glamorous without makeup. 1.Drink Plenty of Water: Drink more water. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins. 2.Sleep In Peace: Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is great for your face and hair – it can help them […]

How To Get A Fair Complexion In A Short Period Of Time     Turmeric for Whiter Fairer Skin  This age old magical ingredient has been excessively mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures for its antibacterial, antifungal and skin whitening properties. Its regular use in the form of face packs can help make your skin fairer and whiter, […]

 Pearls have always been considered an old-fashioned gem but at the same time, they are constantly being updated for the modern woman. No longer relegated to your Granny’s jewellery box, today’s pearls are fashion pieces that often replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend.  White Pearls  White pearls are by far the most popular pearl […]

Foundation is an essential part of make-up and is fairly simple to use, just apply and go on. It’s called foundation because it’s the base, or foundation, of your make-up and helps you look radiant. It’s a simple but important first step.As you get older, there are more things to cover, freckles, pigment, spots, acne—you’ve […]

Get more from your makeup with these tips and tricks for the ultimate longevity 1—Skip the powder. Toning down shine with powder can create a chalky look that only exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles. Use blotting papers instead to absorb excess oil without messing up your makeup. 2—Cool off before application. Do you apply makeup […]

Oily skin is a huge hassle and is difficult to find the right makeup product.Keep your makeup oil- and smudge-proof with these makeup tips. After washing your face, apply a moisturizer right away. If you can, pick a moisturizer with SPF for added sun protection. Always prime your skin first. You should at least prime […]