Camping is a highly personal experience, and every outdoor adventurer gives you your own strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires. This means that you will probably want to bring a different set of items to your friend’s when you leave on your next trip. For example, you may want to take your camera, while your companion prefers to bring a book. But your list of equipment will not differ completely from that of its partners: there are half a dozen things that each camper must bring. There are also some elements that are necessary for the group but not all group members should carry.

What Supplies Should I Bring Camping? For the most part, you will need these things, even if you are at the top or how long your journey is going to last. Because you will use these items on each and every trip, it is always wise to prioritize these things while allocating your camping-gear budget.

Tent ,Sleeping Bag, Flashlight ,Water Bottle ,Multitool, Water Purifier, Camp Stove, First Aid Kit ,Mess Kit ,Map ,Survival Kit.


Outdoor & Camping Equipment


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