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A skinny jean tucked into boots is a trend that has been around for a couple of years, since the introduction of skinny jeans. Throughout the summer season and into fall styles, this is one that is sticking around, as we see designers creating jeans and boots which can be paired perfectly together. Although this style can be hard to pull off – how do you know if you are doing it right? Skinny jeans can be a hard trend to style and therefore, here are some tips that can help you wear your skinny jeans and boots – marching into the fall season looking great –

* When choosing a jean to wear with a boot, be sure that it is a skinny jean and there is not too much excess material throughout the bottom of the jean. This excess material can cause the jean to appear bunched within the boot and lead to a major fashion faux pas.

* Skinny jeans can be worn in a variety of washes, but dark washes are by far the most effective and stylish when it comes to choosing a jean. Through the use of these dark washes, the legs appear slimmer and you can instantly appear ten pounds lighter.

* When choosing the skinny jean, choose denim that has a little give within the fabric. Through the use of this give the individual is able to maintain the jeans easily in comfort while wearing them.

* Choose skinny jeans that are suited for the body type. For example, there are skinny jeans in a low rise, mid rise and even a high rise. Learning which type of jean suits your body type is an effective way to determine which pair of jeans will look best with the outfit that you create.


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