Denim jeans are a classic look that is available in a wide variety of styles. From wide leg style to skinny jean styles of jeans, low cut to high rise jeans – how do you know which type that you should choose for your body type? For every body type, there are certain types of jeans which can flatter the figure and certain types of jeans which should be avoided. Here are some tips that you can use while dressing your body type to ensure that you look your best while wearing your favorite pair of denim jeans:

For curvy body types, including hourglass figures, it can be helpful to avoid jeans which are too low waisted, as well as skinny jeans. The tapered leg that comes with skinny jeans can cause the figure to become imbalanced appearing and cause the midsection to look larger than it truly is. The best fit for a curvy figure is boot cut jeans, in a dark wash, which can help to flatter the figure. Choose jeans that sit higher on the waist, through the thinnest part of the jeans for the most figure flattering effect.

For those trying to disguise a midsection that they are not confident about, low rise jeans should also be avoided. There is nothing attractive about a waist which hangs over the jeans and therefore choosing a style of denim that is cut higher, or even mid-cut can be an effective way to disguise the midsection and cause the body to appear leaner than it may be.

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For people trying to add to the figure, or those with a boyish figure, consider choosing the skinny jean, layered with tops that can add to the figure. Hugging the body in all the right places, the skinny jean can create the appearance of curves, even where there are none.