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Nothing is more important than having the perfect hairstyle for the right occasion. It does not matter if you attend a high level event or with your partner for a friend’s wedding, you want to make sure you’re in the room!

There are so many events that we will experience in life that will require the ideal aspect, but who says that it should be appropriate according to the norms and standards of society? I think it is essential that every woman feels comfortable leaving her comfort zones and entering new unlimited limits for any occasion. I believe in the right hair style that best suits you and allows you to feel and look good no matter what you attend and who is there.

In today’s world of style, you no longer have to adhere and be restricted to a polished and neat appearance. Next, I have shared four different styles to use on four different occasions that will make everyone stop and look when you enter the room.

Designer Planet

Different occasions require different hairstyles, choosing the right hairstyle to fit the right occasion can be complicated. No one wants to be overdressed or ill-dressed, so making sure that your hairstyle suits the occasion and not being too loud or too casual is an important decision that everyone should make. While leaving your hair in your stylist’s hand, you should make sure you are aware of different hair styles instead of getting stuck with the most obvious and common hairstyle that many salons seem to copy, since it is easy and makes money.  

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A sleek classy low bun
Designer Planet:A sleek classy low bun - Hairstyles for Different Occasions
Messy Textured Low Bun
Designer Planet:Messy Textured Low Bun - Hairstyles for Different Occasions
Twisted Bun with a Puff
Designer Planet:Twisted Bun with a Puff - Hairstyles for Different Occasions
Side French Braid with a Low Bun
Designer Planet
Twisted French Braid Low Bun
Designer Planet
Textured Curls Low Bun
Designer Planet

Party Wear Hairstyles :

Whether you are dressing up for your date or for an office party, a gorgeous hairstyle to pair with your beautiful outfit is a must! A cascade braid, half braid on open hair, dual braid with a high ponytail, reverse french braid with high bun and fishtail braid with a puff are some hairstyles that fit this occasion.

A Cascade Braid

Designer Planet
Half Braid on Open Hair
Designer Planet
Dual Braid with a High Ponytail
Designer Planet
Reverse French Braid with High Bun
Designer Planet
Fishtail Braid with a Puff
Designer Planet

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